I Am 71 Years Old And Have Been Taking Blood Pressure Tablets For A Number Of I Used To Be On Atenolol 50 But I Was Changed Amlodopine Why


I am 71 and have been taking blood pressure tablets for a number of years. I used to be on atenolol 50mg with no problems but about 18 months ago I was changed to amlodopine5mg. I seem to be suffering with a kind of asthma now, could this be related to the change and is there any reason that I couldnt ask my doctor to return me to atenolol

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Peter Iam 57 and have been on atenolol 100mg for 15 yrs and can tell if I'm not taking this I also take benzipril 40 mg. I would certainly tell my dr. how the meds are affecting you and that you want to go back to atenolol, before he gives you yet another pill to take for the asthma feeling, by the time your done you will be taking more and more meds just for side effects of the others. good luck young man

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When you take a medication in a certain dosage for a long period of time, your body will usually get used to it and it begins to lose effectiveness. That may be why your doctor changed your medication, but the only way to know for sure is by asking them.

As to the asthma symptoms from the Amlodipine, if it isn't properly controlling your blood pressure, that could be the sign of serious health issues starting, so you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Learn more Atenolol details here.

Learn more Amlodipine details here.

And even if they don't want you to go back to the Atenolol, there are many other medications that you can try, so there is no reason you need to continue suffering with the problems from the Amlodipine.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Is any body else who has Medicare B only finding difficulty getting a new doctor? I need a cardiologist and a primary care doctor as I do not want to go to a certain hospital to have it done BUT so far I am getting REFUSALS from doctors who will not accept new patients with Medicare. I also have GHI which pays the 20% after Medicare approves and sets its payment

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One of the most common side effects of any high blood pressure medication is asthma symptoms. Not all BP meds work for all people and can result in a rather lengthy "trial and error" process with side effects all along the way until the right drug is found for you. It took my body at least two months to get accustomed to Atenolol when I started the drug and I was almost to the point of not being able to function daily due to extreme shortness of breath, joint pain, weakness, etc. I did not follow up with my doctor and, luckily, the side effects eventually went away and Atenolol became a meaningful part of my life... but I would never go through such an experience again without consulting a doctor.

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I have been on suboxone 5 years.i just found out I have high cholesterol,so doctor put me on 40 mg zocor.just wandering if it will take away the effect of suboxone.im gonna take it at night.so tonight I will start on it,hoping it does not affect other meds. Suboxone 8mg,klonopin 1mg 3 times a day.vyvanse50mg,zoloft50mg.if somebody knows the answer let me know thanks merry Christmas

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Hi, im 42, anyone knows how to get pregnant what kind of medicine should i take to get pregnant...let me know...tnx god bless u all !!!

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I was prescribed losartan 100mg. It is a green pill ( e /47) manufacturer (aurobindo ) comments please. Your experience while taking the pills. I switched to this because of extreme dizziness while taking losartan 100mg by a different manufacturer.

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