Hydromorphone, Zofran For Nausea

qualitycontrolcounselor Says:

Not sure relation to oxy, but dr refuse to refill and has left me without. That has led to long hospital visits..have rare condition....I cannot believe what is going on w pain in fl and other..with just 2 mg hydromorphone not in such intense abdominal cramps..still in pain but able to low function ...without zofran the nausea and vomit is full throttle..on a picc line to feed me...I am amazed that prof criminal of wholesale, dr,, and some people, leave ones with real phy pain like this...I was always telling all drs, include primary and mayo, that my condition worsens w pain..ignored..so end up in er 34 days out of 60 with serious rare condition..and now cantget meds and treated like criminal...i was on lynx and appt cancellled..my waefarin was needed and bleeding!!! But they ignoresince focus on pain meds ignore even blood.clot needs?..Who is standing up about this..this leads to professionals endangering and making ablack market whixh means not clean, pure meds!!!! Thats insane...Hey, I dealt w my pain two plus yrs, grindig my teeth down, not wanting to go this right, do not drink makes me ill.and wtf are ones in med needs put into same categories of drug abuser???

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David Says:

Sorry to hear about your experience with those doctors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately with things the way they are, it doesn't sound like many people across the country are even getting basic care for their needs as well. But as easy as it is to point the blame at every doctor or nurse we come in contact with, it really comes down to the entire pharmaceutical industry as a whole and the way it's system is set in place.

Also, because the number of patients is always going to far outweigh the number of doctors and other health care practitioners, very few practitioners are actually able to take the time to address each individual's needs outside of whatever brief 5-10min consultation they do offer. So looking at it from their perspective I get the sense that most doctors are under an immense amount of pressure by the DEA (watching their every move), the hospital they work for (giving them time constraints for each patient), as well as the random stranger coming in with who knows what condition, and they only have a limited amount of time to find an appropriate solution to your problem. I bet if patients were able to sit down and have lunch with a doctor for an hour, everyone would come back with a much more thorough evaluation. The way they have to rush around from door to door often makes them seem incompetent of giving any sort of evaluation.

I think because of how much pressure they're under on a day to day basis, many doctors are bound to make the wrong call more often than we as patients, might originally suspect walking into their office. So you ask "who should stand up about this?"; well I think it has to be a collaborative effort across many states if the DEA is ever going to pay attention to something.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Ahnabell Says:

My husband's a nurse and was told oxymorphone open a and hydromorphone is being taken off the market, for serious side effects, after stage 3 cancer and the doc screwed me up they tried me on hydromorphone, I never took drugs and just 3 days on it I'm talking to people not there running outside in the mid of night screaming my neighbors name this went on for 4 days without sleeping or eating. Please don't take it if u have it that was so scary.

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