Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5-500 3 Years Old Are They Still Good

sweeper2 Says:

My doc after looking at my MRI for my back, me having no insurance, sent me to a specialist that i can't afford. He stopped all pain pills and put me off to someone I can't pay to see. So after having pain problems since march of 2013 and being prescribed pain meds, it suddenly stops and he won't refill them. I found some vicodin 5-500 (hydrocodone-Acetaminophen ) from 2011 and wondered if I can still use them for my back pain.

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DdRamona Says:

You could try, they probably won't be as strong. Just try 1at a time though, at 1st

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David Says:


This may come as a surprise, but according a study from Harvard Medical School, many medications can remain effective for even up to 15 years beyond their listed expiration date.

I have not seen the actual list of drugs used in this study, but I'd imagine that most anxiety/depression/pain medications (OTC or Rx) would certainly be drugs of interest upon making such claims.

Reference: health.harvard.edu/fhg/updates/update1103a.shtml

Did you keep it stored properly since the last time you had used it?

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JOHN Says:

Yes you can take them, they should be nearly full strength, it takes several years for the Vicodin to lose any potency.

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JOHN Says:

Yes they are . The shelf life is about 15 years, after only 3 years they are probably still at 100% strength or worst case 9

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Maxundergroundchem Says:

Depends ware they're stored, humidity and temp. I have tested morphine 10 years old and found it still retained 70%-90% potency dependent on where they're stored.

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Pug Says:

Lortab 5-500, 3 years old....will they LIKELY make you sick? Will they be ineffective?

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Lulu Says:

Call a tv station and tell them your story. Bet they would like to hear it.

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cliffj Says:

Re: Lulu (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Bet you they could care less.

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