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Low Says:

Prescribed hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg for hypertension. Took for 1st 3 months with no problems outside of frequent urination which is to be expected. It has been working to lower my good pressure, so I was given another 3 month prescription. A week after I begin this batch, I started to suffer from all sorts of illnesses. First it was a stuffy nose, slightly sore throat (lasted approx. 3 days), & red itchy eyes. This lasted week, then stuffy nose turned to runny nose & it felt like something was running down back of throat. This lasted for about a 1-1/2 weeks, but midway through had shortness of breathe & felt like something was sitting on my chest at night. Then everything but shortness of breathe subsided, but I then developed a terrible cough with a squeak at the end and what I've been told is wheezing. No mucus really comes up, if so its clear. However, it sounds as if I have chest congestion and like it should produce mucus. Weird part is the coughing & breathing trouble only occur terribly at night, & moreso when I'min a lying position. I am a smoker, never been diagnosed with asthma or anything. Had an upper respiratory infection 4 yes ago. I have self diagnosed myself with allergies previously. Will be seeing my pcp in the morning, because illnesses are affecting my sleep which makes it difficult to function in the day & terrible mood.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Low! How are you?

If you've already taken it for months and not experienced such issues, then it is most likely not due to this medication.

It sounds like you may be suffering from allergies, but the worsening at night is somewhat concerning, since that may be a sign of congestive heart failure.

Have you consulted your doctor, yet? Do you usually take anything for your allergies?

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Low Says:

Thanks for the reply! I actually,went to the doctor yesterday whom ruled out congestive heart failure, and said it was definitely allergies (rhinitis)...she told me she could hear my sinus congestion upon entering the room, & the allergies causing tickling in throat which leads to coughing...prescribed flonase, said give it a few days to work...will give an update in a week or so of taking the med..

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Leelee Says:

My dr added hctz 12.5mg to losartan 100mg which I’ve been taking for a few years. The hctz is helping to lower my blood pressure but I am experiencing dry mouth if I take it every day. I tried taking the hctz every other day and the dry mouth reduced significantly, I do take the Iosartan every day though. I am wondering if I should continue the hctz or just take it every other day? Without it my blood pressure stays around 140/95. With the hctz it lowers to about 135/87. Thanks.

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