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any adverse side effects or benefits

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Verwon Says:

Well, the FDA has recognzed it as being beneficial is topic skin care products and some injections for wrinkles, such as in Restylane.

Otherwise, I am not seeing a whole lot on adverse effects, but there is a page of information here:


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FreeFlex Says:

There are many HA products on the market that claim benefits to joints in humans. However most of them are defective because they contain snippets (low molecular weight segments) of the complex natural hyaluronic acid molecular structure. It has been shown in some careful studies that effective joint support requires HA molecular weight greater than one million Daltons. Taking a tablet or capsule through the human digestive system allows digestive enzymes to reduce even moderate sized HA molecules to thousands of Daltons, thereby negating any benefit. Newer sublingual lozenges, which allow direct introduction of high molecular weight HA into the bloodstream, are far more likely to produce beneficial results for joints. Two essential elements are high MW and direct absorption into the blood. .

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Ken Says:

I agree with the premise that high molecular weight HA in sublingual lozenges is the most likely beneficial way to use this supplement orally. It seems to me I have seen some clinical data that the presence of HA "snippets" (low molecular weight HA) is associated with inflammation of joints and I would not expect such a product to be beneficial.

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