How To Take Propan With Iron Multivitamins

hellcyon Says:

I take propan cap. every night before I sleep. I tried taking it after breakfast and I get so sleepy when at school. Propan improved my weight after 3 mos. I really gained weight, but is it good if I'm taking Cherifer pgm and propan at the same time? I tried out for the amvt but I think they have a height and weight requirement so my dr. prescribed me to take propan once a day but before sleep. :)

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andrea Says:

ilang vitamins po ba kelangan itake? Does it need to be taken everyday?

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Izzy Says:

Hi, my problem is I don't have an appetite to eat. sometimes 2 meals a day or 1 meal a day. That's why i didn't gain weight and I'm so thin. What effective and affordable multivitamins should I take to have an appetite and to gain weight?

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jerome Says:

Pa ba ang tamang pag gamit nto para gumanda ang atng katawan?

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jenn Says:

Can I take amoxicillin-potassium with my multivitamin?

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Jenny Says:

Ko pong tumaba. Lagi na nila ako binully kasi ang payat 2 ko daw... malakas naman ako kumain pero di talaga ako tumataba.

Pwede po ba yung propan with iron 2 times a day?

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Myra Says:

Can I take Myra-e 400iu with Propan?

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Butch Says:

Napapahimbing ba ng tulog si propan?

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isko Says:

Re: Izzy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Ginsing linzi chiji phil po weight gainer.

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Neng Says:

Kelan ba dapat inumin ang propan w/ iron?

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