How To Apply Candid B Cream On The Face

Ryan Says:

Can I apply candid b cream to my baby's face? She has a lot of buttons from people kissing and touching her face. She's only 1 month old.

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pooja Says:

face ke natural beauti ke liye aur white dhabbe ke liye candid b cream ka daily use kr skte h

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Verwon Says:

This cream is only used to treat fungal infections, so it will not help if her issues aren't due to a fungal infection. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation, burning, and flakiness.

Have you consulted her doctor? There is a chance that her symptom could be caused by some other issue.

What do the buttons look like? Are they filled with fluid like blisters? Can you please post back with more details? Thank you!

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