How Many Times Do I Have To Take Propan With Iron

Isang Says:

Hi im jezza
I just bought propan with iron because i have problems in eating.I lack of appetite in eating and also i want to gain weight.Im 16 btw.So my question is how many times do i have to take this vitamins?Or what is the best time to take it?How many tablets or capsules am i suppose to take a day?I really need your answer and i do appreciate if there is.THANK YOU

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Orlando Manalac Says:

Please take propan with iron capsule once daily before bed time.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Isang,

When taking a vitamin that contains iron it is typically suggested to take it with 8oz of water 1-2 hours after eating. If you are experiencing an upset stomach you can take the vitamin 30 minutes after you eat.

The tablet container or the box it came in should have the instructions of how many to take. The reason I can't tell you how many to take is because Propan makes multiple variations of this vitamin some of which are two tablets a day and other are only one. The reason for this is so people who are unable to swallow a once a day vitamin need smaller pills while other people don't want to take too many binders.

I hope this helps.

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