How Long To Take Rowatinex

Lina Says:

Yesterday I took 1 tablet of bactrim for a UTI. For the next 6 hours I did not feel better, so I took 1 Rowatinex capsule. I woke up this morning symptoms free. Do I need to continue Rowatinex? For how long? Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Bactrim is an antibiotic and just one tablet can't be expected to completely cure an infection and eradicate the bacteria that has caused it. They do not work like that.

There are some antibiotics that only require one dose to be taken, but this isn't one of them.

You can learn more Bactrim details here.

And I have no information to provide on the Rowatinex, because it is an over the counter supplement that's used for kidney health and kidney stones. It is not actually promoted to help with UTIs.

My best guess in this scenario is that this person may have been self treating and self diagnosing, so they likely didn't have a UTI, but this is just a guess. If the issue was being caused by a stone in the kidney, it moving away from blocking it, or being expelled would explain the sudden cessation of symptoms.

And that isn't something that an antibiotic would treat, anyway.

Are there any comments or questions?

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Krish Says:

How long would a 2cm kidney stone desolve with rowatinex.

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jen Says:

Hi. Nagpa urine po tapos ang result po ay ang wbc ko po ay adundant sabi ng doktor ko tapos pinainom po nya ako ng rowatinex at cefuroxime hangang 7 dayst tapos pabalikin nya ako pagkatapos ng 7 days at nag pa u/a ako uli. Tapos ang result ay ganun pa din at ulit ipainom naman nya ako nag rowarinex 3x a day at pinalitan yong antibiotic ko pinalitan nya. Ng cifixime na bacticef hangang 7 days pa rin. Una po sumakit po ko yong kaliwang tagiliran at ang aking balakang. Kinabukasan uminon po ng sambong at cotri. Tapos ilang oras umihi ako may lumabas na parang taba ng manok at yong ihi ko kulay parang bigas ba hinugasan ganyan tapos. Ang umihi ako ulit parang may lumulutaw na puti sa ihi ko. Kaya at na wala yong sakit sa tagiliran at balakan minsan may dugo ang ihi ko. Hindi naman masakir e ihi. At nawalang ang sakit ng tagiliran at balakang ko. Kahapon po ikalawang dalaw ko sa doktor at ang wbc ko ay abundant parin. Ano dapat gawin ko wala malunasan yong karamdaman ko. Sana matulungan nyo ako at sana lang kong mag reply sana totoo. Salamt.

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Juncher Says:

Would it be ok to take piroxicam 20mg and prednisone 20mg for backpain caused by kidneystones?

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