How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Ur System For Me To Pass A Urine Test? (Page 4)

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poohbear Says:
I need to know how many days a percocet, roxicodone or oxycodone stay in ur system for a urine test?

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sulynn Says:
Awesome, this is more informative!

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mike Says:
yes AND make sure you tell us how you did on test.
for me no matter how much opiates. up to but no more than 7 days and usually 72-96 hours tops.

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phase Says:
3 days max I do killas all the time an in 3 days there out your system, there are pills called stat flush don't do nything for a day or two an take those you will be clean doesn't work for marijuana an sometimes coke just for killas...don't let people scare you talking bout 4 or more days an drink water I've got them out in two before

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Swim someone who isnt me Says:
Eureka. They've always been able to tell the difference between lortabs and oxy. They are two different drugs. Roxys and OP's are Oxycodone an lortabs are hydrocodone. Two completely different things

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BadB**** Says:
Honestly everyone is different, I took 3 Oxycodones the moring between 9am-11am and i had to UA by 5pm that same day for AP&P and I went down and tested @4:40PM with a digital read out and passed... So like I said everyone is different but I reccomend drinking alot of water cause thats all I drank that day and i passed

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J Says:
Anyone want to share?

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rick Says:
DEPENDS ON DRUG, i took roxies and clean on 4th day and im skinny fast metab.
i took dilaudid and this opiate be careful as i tested positive for over 6 days. mostly youll be ok on day 4-but drink lots of water and go midstream.

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tisha Says:
How long 1 30mg oxycodone pill will stay in ur system just took it 830pm Saturday and I take my drug test Monday at 9am I need the test to be positive

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Jenn Says:
Look Zack. Maybe your just one of those people who think thier better than others, enjoy others fears' or ur luck just hasn't run out yet. Or plain clueless. Poss all the above! But a lot of times after ur arrest, u have 3 to 5 days 2 report 2 ur p/o 4 a drug test. Clean or go 2 jail. Karma. Don't b a jerk!

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Kamdyn Says:
FYI- people that take something then "pass" the next day after drinking 'lots' of water...okay, passing and having a DILUTE are two DIFFERENT things. If you are in drug court or probation they will count a dilute as a fail. It means you have to much water in your urine for an accurate DT to be done. They find this to mean you are being deceptive. Whereas a job or some doctors offices will just count it as untestable and not regard it in either light.
Does this make sense? My point is people who specifically tested for ccertain things for being deceptive in the past, having clear urine is not a good thing. People trying to pass a job drug test, it's unlikely the company will spend more money to retest you and just assume you are hydrated.... could go either way.

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veryconfused Says:
If you take oxycodone as prescribed how would it be possible that your urine test would show no oxy in your system yet high levels of opiate like vicodin? Is this possible? I did not take any vicodin, however I did take a 30mg. roxy two days before the test. Please explain!!

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goodtimes40 Says:
not possible to not show up after taking 2 30mg roxies...what may have happened is the doctor didnt send to a LAB...lab will show levels and exact drug, etc. But piss tests in cups are often unreliable and im assuming this was the test you took. They false quite frquently. One time while on Oxycontin at pain management i came up positive for methadone(i didnt take methadone) so i said retest and it came back normal this time showing only oxycontin. Sometimes they get confused. Ones that goto a lab never get confused.

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fillycheese Says:
About a year ago I had to take a few drug tests over a 4 month period for a DUI infraction. The 4 tests were "random" however I knew that since Wednesday was the only day that I had to report for therapy/tests I knew I would only piss on Wednesdays. Each week, I would do roxys from Thursday morning up until Sunday afternoon. I would then use Sunday evening through Wednesday afternoon to clean out. I drank a ton of water on Monday and Tuesday and minimal water Wednesday (didn't want my urine to be to watered down). I never failed a test over the 4 month period.

I'm sure there are many variables depending on each person trying to pass the test. I'm about 175 lbs, 6' and not a lot of body fat. I also would only snort the roxys, I've read and heard that snorting the pills will tend to get them through your system quicker.

I'm sure the original poster has already taken they're test since they posted the original question 2 years ago. I'm just hoping to help someone else out who might be looking for answers now. Any urine test can be very stressful for people like myself since I'm an addict and I know many of the other people on here probably are as well. Just be honest with yourself and make sure to give your body 60-72 hours to clean out.

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Always Informed Says:
I have got to give you credit. 1) You are honest. With yourself and everybody else. Snorting roxies..well, that's def not how they are supposed to be taken. But I know that ppl searching these websites for answers are using the stuff..and many maybe in the same way. 2) If we are searching the web for answers to questions like this it's bcuz we need answers from ppl that are the truth! I went thru the same set of circumstances..DWI, mandated urine screens (only mine were on Thursdays). Point being is that I know the feeling of using, abusing, & then thinking and worrying about 'What's going to happen? What's going to show up?' I def like how you confirmed the fact the question was asked over 2years ago, yet you still provided an answer.I would also like to add that some test can detect up to the ng..So pound need for those wacky remedies-they don't work anyway! I also have a small piece of info for anyone else looking up this question. Some opiates have changed their scheduling. Doctors can now call you in for a random drug screen. This is especially so if you are written one type but may use any other as the weekend warrior may. So, Please everyone, be safe.

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Always Informed Says:
Oxycodone breaks down to hydromorphine..What may have happened was that you had very little to no roxicodone left in your urine..All that was left was the 'residule' chemical breakdown of the roxicodone. I do not think you could test positive for hydrocodone if you didnt take it. what you may have tested positive for was what was left in your urine of the original roxi..It all depends on what test what performed and if it was a 'Tox-A' screen or chemical breakdown. That kind of screen will show every little particle of what is in your urine..even nicotine. I believe Wikipedia has a chemical breakdown chart of the 2 opiates. If you look at the chemical breakdown of both the roxi and the hydro you will see that they are somewhat similiar.

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Jennifer Says:
I am on oyxcodone for severe chronic. Right now, I am prescribed 15 mg twice a day, but I need to check with my physician to see if he will increase it to 3 times a day as I am up for a long time every day and it wears off about every 4 - 5 hours and I even wake up in the night with terrible pain. I am searching for a new job and I know it will show up in my system and I cannot go off of it. If I have a dr's statement, will they take that into account? Will they report it to a future employer yet show that I am under a dr's care and accept it? I have been on it for quite a while and honestly, you cannot tell that I am taking it. If I can get the job I am hoping for, I will be at a desk all day long, not lifting or do anything that would endanger me or any one else. The doctor has not forbidden me to drive. As I said, you cannot tell in the least that I am taking it. My current employer has seen me while I am on it and he is none the wiser.

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Bella Says:
I have been doing alot of oxycodone and opiates almost every day last a couple days ago(tuesday night around 10 pm). My mom is giving me a home drug test sometime today. I drank alot of liquids. Not too much water, even though I know I should have. Mainly chocolate milk although that's probably not good? Anyways I need to know if this is going to show up on my drug screen today! Answers and advice please asap!

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Bella Says:
I actually meant I have been doing them every day up until this past Tuesday night. I haven't done any since.

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Midiman Says:
"Verwon Says:
Sunday, 2/27/2011 11:11:26 AM
Most narcotics will clear out of your system within 24 hours," - WRONG

If you take them after "bring" drug tested, they shouldn't show up in the test but I'm assuming a well placed comma and better spelling would have a slightly different meaning. You should be clear after 4 days. Most of the better lab tests will go back about 80 hours. The cheaper, instant dip stick tests may not be quite as sensitive but they are capable of differentiating between various types of opiates.

Just for giggles, do a Google search for "drug test kits." You will find scores of different types of combination and individual panels. It depends on how much the tester wants to spend.

"maddyfl Says:
Monday, 7/18/2011 9:46:29 PM
i nee to kno .does a oxy 10mg and roxy 30 mg show up on a ua probation test as oxy and opids i hav a script on the oxy 10mg but not the other will i pass my test plz help a they the same inge.....thanks"

Roxi and Oxy are essentially the same thing. Neither are the same as Hydro. If probation pulls a standard 5 strip panel with a single bar for opiates, it will simply show positive for opiates. If they have the right single strips, they can tell which one you are taking.

"Worried Says:
Tuesday, 9/27/2011 3:48:43 PM
I did 3 30mg roxy's on Monday at like 4pm and I have a drud test on Wednesday at 4:30pm. Will I pass if I drink tons of water. This is going to be a lab test."

If you try to purge your system by drinking tons of water, the lab test will show insufficient levels of Creatine, which is almost always considered an attempt to alter the test results and usually results in an automatic "fail" by probation departments.

"B-ri Says:
Monday, 10/24/2011 9:52:01 PM
I've been taking perc(roxy) 30s almost every day for a while now between 30-60 mgs a day.. I'm about to take a drug test for a new job how long will it take for it to get out of my system so I'll be able to pass the test. "

I would give it at least 80 hours... 4 days if possible.

"confused in lincolnton Says:
Monday, 10/31/2011 10:19:11 PM
im on probation and i have been clean of thc for about 8 weeks now. Passed one test that was sent off to a lab 4 weeks in. I was tested again this time they used the in house strip and they said i failed for thc, remind u i havent smoked in 8 weeks now. How can i be dirty. I havent smoked and i havent been around it."

Smoking pot is about the worst thing you can do as far as drug testing while on probation. THC is stored in the fat cells of your body. Depending on how heavy a smoker you were, it can be detected up to six months after you quit. Lots of people expect you to be clean after 28 days. Heavy smokers will never be clean in 28 days.

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YOYO Says:
I took an Oxycodone 10mg I've been clean for 8 months just one pill I drink alot of water I weigh 260 It was snorted not ingested how long will it stay in my system?

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