How Long Does It Take To Get Contrave Out Of Your System

Penni Says:

I need to reduce my intake of Contrave because of side affects. I'm cutting back from 4 pills to 3. How long does it take for Contrave to reduce in my system so that I don't have the severe symptoms?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Penni! How are you feeling? Has there been any improvement, yet?

What side effects have you been experiencing?

When it comes to this medication, it depends on which ingredient is causing the symptoms. The Naltrexone in it only takes about a day, but the Bupropion may take about a week, based on the FDA listed half-lives.

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Penni Says:

I saw my doctor yesterday. We have reduced my dosage to 2 pills a day to see if that helps. If not than next week I'll go down to 1 a day. My worst symptoms out of several are hot flashes & nausea.

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Victoria Says:

I've only been taking contrave for a week and only taking 1 a day. I'm stopping it due to massive headaches and severe diarrhea. How long before it's out of my system. I want to go back on my prescription sleeping pill. I'm done not being able to sleep through the night as well

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Kayo Says:

I've been on Contrave for 9 days at 1 pill away and have this weird kind of "floating" feeling which I think is probably anxiety...and nausea...dry I'm thinking of going off already unless someone can give me some advice or help. Does these systems ever go away??

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k Says:

Headache, nausea, sever stomach pain, sever constipation, sore throat, extreme fatigue .

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Mimi Says:

I was on 3 days one pill and stopped it. Had such foggy head like when on pain pills, hot flashes, stomach pains, diarrhea, it was horrible

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Mimi Says:

I have only been on 3 days and stopped. I was so out of it, like when on pain pills, dizzy, hot and every time I ate would get severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I was on Belviq in the past and never had side effect like these. Not going to take anymore.

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LF Says:

I didn't even make it a week this stuff is poison side effects like these is the bodies way of ridding itself of a toxin - horrible medication

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Mary Says:

I took i tablet of contave and have had severe nausea and vommitting for the last 38 relif in sight!

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Mary Says:

I say stay off of it... Can you imagine when you withdraw how bad it will be?

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Deborah Says:

I have lost more then enough weight- thought I would never say that.. I take one in the morning and one in the evening- never had any side effects- I would like to get off of this- how should I ?

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Nancy Says:

If I took Contrave for 3 days and stopped it on monday and today is wednesday. How long will it take to get out of my system. It has really messed me up. On monday I stopped taking the product because I had vaginal bleeding and cramping and bloated. I havent have a period in 4 year so wtf is going on. I went to my doctor and they are sending me to an OBGYN. I dont think it is anything else. I really think it is caused by the pills. I will repost after tomorrows visit to OBGYN. Thanks.

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Vickie Says:

I started taking Contrave on June 18, 2917. I had some nausea at first but it went away. I had to get a refill but had trouble getting it so I made another appointment with my doctor. I was without tge medicine fir about 9 days. Got my refill a took it for 3-4 days then came down with severe case of diarrhea. I discontinued the medicine as soon as the diarrhea started. That was 5 days ago. Does anyone know how long the diarrhea lasts after discontinuing the medication?

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Carol Says:

You cant just have to ween off.. When you start it os slow, so when you stop it is the same...SLOW!

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Sara Says:

I need to have some pre scheduled sugery and would like the pain meds to be effective. How long (and how should I) be off the Contrave prior to the surgery date?

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Dayna Says:

I have a 6 month old prescription of contrave. Stopped and wanted to start back on. How long is it good for?

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Giovanna Says:

Re: Kayo (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I am going to stop taking I am have dry heavies all day.

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Misty Says:

Re: Mary (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

After you've been on it for a while with draws are not bad at all

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Sherry Says:

I'm going in a cruise and would like to drink . How long before should I stop contrave?

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April May Says:

Re: Kayo (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Foggy head will go away after about 10 days and the body gets used to it- then it’s fine

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