How Long Does It Take Percocet To Show Up In Your Urine?

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Need to know how long after taking a dose of Percocet 10 mg, three times a day, will it show up in the urine?

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Crystal Says:

Percocet is a trade name of Endo Pharmaceuticals for a narcotic pain killer containing oxycodone and acetaminophen. It is used to treat moderately severe to severe acute (short-term) pain. The main ingredients of Percocet are oxycodone, and acetaminophen.

Percocet can show up in the urine for up to three to five days after taking it. Since you are taking it three times a day, I would recommend getting a note from your doctor so you can show the place where you are taking the test that is a prescription.

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DillonOneill Says:

Opiates and narcotics stay in your System for UA's approximatley 3 days. If you must take a mouth swab, it goes back further. anymore questions about opiates/narcotics? ask me

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Amber Says:

Percocets can show up in your urine within the first 24 hours of use. If you are taking a 5mg/325mg 3 times a day and n more than that, it will take anywhere from 3-4 days to get out of your system depending on your body weight.

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needtoknow Says:

Howlong would it take for a 15mg morphine pill to not show in a urine anaylsis

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narco man Says:

i want to know how long it takes for endocet to show up in my urine

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narco man Says:

how long does it for oxycodone to show up in my urine i dont care how long it takes to get out thanks narco man i take valium 4 times a day and oxycodone 5/325 6 times a day and i also have a morphine pump that give me 5.5 mg per day. the reason i ask is i have a urine test to make sure im taking my meds and i ran out of percocet last week and just got a new script. but they want me to take a drug test within 24 hrs


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Marchane Says:

It's out of your system in 3 days, i use to use and take UA's

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duckey84 Says:

I am 29 yrs.old and pregnant and had a old prescription for percocet 30s that i have taken 1 here and there for pain b/c i hear that it doesnt affect the baby unless you take it the last 2 wks before delivery then the baby would go through is friday and monday i need to take a urine test for the dr.i took 1 today will it show up in the test on monday?even if i drink alot of water?

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cam Says:

You should never take anything not even asprin while you are pregnant. I know it's hard when you have legitimate back problems but meds like Percocet will hurt the developement of your baby's brain and other organs. If you have taken this please for your baby's sake call your doctor. Only take what your OBGYN tells you it is safe to take. I know it's difficult sometimes but please keep your baby's health and future in mind. Take Care God Bless

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paul lamoon Says:

if i take a percocet 30 one time and i weigh 245 how long will it take to get out of my urine.

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fawn Says:

around 3-7 days, drink alot of water to flush your system and don't take anymore.

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paul lamoon Says:

is 92 hours long enough to get percocet out of your urine

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bruce hinkle Says:

how long does it take to get a percocet 30 out of your syestem

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bruce hinkle Says:

what does ua's mean

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Ant Says:

I took 2 vicd reg dose 5-500 around 730PM and 2 perc 10mgs around 100AM any chance would not show up on UA taken at 530AM?

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cam Says:

Urine analysis

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cam Says:

Not a chance, the medication WILL DEFINITELY SHOW UP.

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court Says:

I took 2 perc 5mg last night around 8pm. If I drink lots of water today and tomorrow can I pass a UA monday evening or tuesday?

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jessica Says:

My friend has to take a urine test and she has to have percs show up positive on that test so how long after she takes a perc will it show up

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dorthy Says:

How MINUTES after taking a 10/325 oxycodone does it show up if taking a urine test?

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