How Long Does It Take For Clonazepam To Leave Your System

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How long do you have to quit taking clonazeoam to pass a drug test

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Verwon Says:
It really depends on how much and how long you were taking, plus the type of test.

If you are talking about a regular urine test, then it will be out of your body for that in about 48 to 72 hours, but it takes much longer for blood, hair or tissue tests.

Clonazepam, the generic for Klonopin is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability.

You can read more on it here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Ronald Says:
I started clonazepam (2mgs) on Jan 12. It took it for 2 days. Then I dropped to 1mg per day for a week, then .5 per day for a week then .375 per day. I am on my way to stopping this nasty stuff. I took it because of a very very bad panic and anxiety attack that lasted a month. How long after stoping this meds will it finally be out of my system?

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ivana Says:
Hello, I was on Clonazepam for 13 years , 1 1/5 mg for day . Started taper down 5 months ago . Was the worst time in my life . I was sure I will never survive . ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE . Now Im 72 hours and feel ok . I taper very , very slowly , but WAS HELL , I cannot believe I make it . I hope . I feel great . Please dont' START THIS HORRIBLE DRUGS , IS BETWEN LIFE AND DEAD . TRUST ME , I WAS THERE.

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Rapheala Says:
I totally agree! I had been on Klonipin for two years, taking 2 mg a day, and suddenly my doctor took me off of it cold turkey! It was AWFUL! I started having cold sweats, uncontrollable shaking, severe nervousness and anxiety, feelings of unreality, etc. I thought I was going crazy! He put me on Buspar 15 mg 3 times a day for the anxiety to take the place of the Klonipin...but he did not explain that I was going to go through withdrawals! It scared the HELL out of me! He explained that what I was feeling was not real anxiety, but anxiety stemming from withdrawals from the Klonipin...this made me feel better mentally, but not physically. He finally put me back on it and had me taper off of it, going down .5 mg every three days. I am now down to taking 1 mg a day, and will go down to .5 in a few days, and take it for three days, and will then be off of it completely. I am having some anxiety again due to the withdrawals, but atleast I know that is what it is and that it will get better. But I have to say this has been the WORST experience in my life and wish I had never took this medication! People stay away from this drug! You can't take it forever, and coming off of it is almost worse than the anxiety you experience without it!

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Shirley Says:
I have been on clonazapam for 9 yrs and now 2 months with cyprelex for 2 months.I want off. I am 76 and i hardly get sleep at night , heart jumps and wakes me up ,,I see the Dr Oct 28th. What will happen to me?

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ReyLynn Says:
@Rapheala That is Crazy... No Dr in their right mind should take you off a medication that had addictive qualities after being on it so long... You could have had seizures/stroke. I would report him to a medical board!

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Jakep Says:
I agree. What kind of a Dr takes you off a benzo cold turkey?! Report This "Dr." !

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AJ Says:
I agree ,I was on it for 4 years ,now I am taking .25 per day to finish it off by next week, the withdrawls are horrible but through God I am holding on through this nightmare...... Advice start to drink relaxing tea

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noname Says:
yes, I noticed irritability but wonder if the irritability came first ?

I've decided to work with Deepak Chopra and friends. They are making s big difference in life.

Looking for the natural state. want to live without organ damage. It's kind of different esp. when you are accustomed to reaching in the medicine cabinet upon waking. Guess I like to stay ahead of it. Things must change, pure, healthy and always aware, notice.Wish me luck !?!OTDXW

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Tracey Says:
i just want to wish you not luckbut something that ismuch deeper then this. I wish all the best for you in your new beginning. just hang in there it will get better

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Luc Says:
i agree with Ivana. i have been taking this specific medicine for only 6 years. sincei was 18. and there where some occasions where a few little a**holes stole some of my medication to get f***ed up. this medicine is an anti anxietal for use for me. and it takes care of the problem. but the 2 weeks those little f***s left me without this medicine. i thought i was going to die. everytime i started to fall asleep at night i would have to wake myself up on the verge to keep myself from a seize i felt coming on. you shift from hot and cold so much that youll be freezing or burning up with no in between all day long, your brain will feel like someone has it inside of a vice, slowly tightening it over and over, you will feel like your brain is swelling and going to explode. you will shiver and shake more than a person with parkinsons disease or however you spell that. you will have trouble eating. and even worse, you wont be sure at any point whether or not your awake or dreaming, everything is surreal. you start to go numb. it is a true type of hell. so to get out of your system it will take like the guy said up there 2 to 4 days. but be smart about it and dont abuse this drug anymore. you do not want to experience hell like we have. i wouldnt type this whole thing out if i didnt genuinely fear for someone else having to go through what me and ms ivana there did. you will feel like you are dying. and you if you are like me will even wish you where dead instead of dealing with the suffering that it brings. but if you like for your body to feel like napalm and your insides to be wrenching and to hurt all over and your brain to feel like a bomb with no control over your sleeping or your appetite or your body temperature. you go ahead. but this was just to warn of this drug that should be thought about heavily before anyone decides to take it.

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Anne Says:
I have been on 1gr for 6-7 mo. and I have only taken half a pill at night--to help me sleep--they were prescribed for isomnia and stress--I want to get off them and learn to sleep normally--what should I do? I am a 68 yr old female---

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kgirl Says:
I have been on klonopin for seven years, or was, until two days ago. i took 6mg a day (spaced out through the day). on friday my dr switched me from klonopin to xanax (5mg a day spaced out) everyone is telling me that i should be fine, but for the last two days i've had a killer migraine, vomiting, chest pains, terrible shaking and 'withdrawing from society-turned my phone off, won't leave the house) i know i am going through withdrawals and i don't know what to do at this long will it last? am i safe? should my dr have done something else? i can't function like this

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Alfredo Says:
Hi, I have been taking 0.75/day for anxiety and panic attacks. Its really not helping that much. I was on xanax 0.25 mg twice a day and sometimes three times and that worked better. I noticed with this I get heart jump, chest pains, stomach pains, more anxiety, sleeping issue even I use cpap. Anybody else having same issues?? Seeing doc on Friday and will ask him if can go back to xanax and stop this over time. Thanks.

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kgirl Says:
so, after five days the major terrible withdrawals got better, however, the xanax dosage he gave me doesn't do a whit and i hate how it makes me feel. also, when i was on my klonopin i would not have to take one for about three hours after i was up, now i awake trembling and on the verge and have to take the xanax and wait it seems forever to kick in and i have to take more than prescribed just to leave my house, drive, or talk to people. after being on the klonopin for seven years and my phyciatrist dropped me straight to xanax and assured me nothing would happen and I'd be there something I should do about this? I am so frustrated and angry. I went through absolute hell...and now i still have to take more than prescribed just to function and that is minimally which means I'll run out before my next appointment. I fimally got him to call me back today and he will not just switch me back until my next appointmemt, disregarding everything I said.
so, what do i do? sit around and take the reccommended dosage and still not be able to function for a month, unable to pay my bills, take care of my teenager, or take enough for me to at least get through a semi normal day and run out ten days before my appt?!

I asked him over and over since i'd been on it for seven years what would happen? "nothing, nothing, you'll be fine." me:"but what if something does?" "call here and let us know what happens." does that sound right for a dr to say and now i feel like he lied to me or is an inadequate doctor who specializes in these disorder treatments?

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Eddygunz Says:
U should not be withdrawing from 5 mg Xanax, it is a strong benzo with more euphoric effects than clonazopan in. Y opinion but maybe you klonopin mg was higher than compared to 5 mg Xanax, you should take a higher dose of Xanax to compensate

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kgirl Says:
thank you to those of you who verified me feeling as I should, which is to report this Dr and find a the pychiatrist. I am going to the hospital soon because even after a week, the xanax has not stopped my heart rate from being between 100 - 130 bpm. i knew a dr could not in his rightful mind tell me everything would be just fine after dropping me clompetely from seven years of a very addictive medicine (needed or not). i should have been TAPERED.

and i hope the best for all the rest of you...and that your dr's had the good sense to do it the right way!

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Reylynn Says:
via mobile
Hey Kgirl... I wouldn't go to the Er but go to a walk in clinic or another primary care Dr's snd bring your medical records with you.that way you can show you were on this medication and switched, and tell them how the xanax is not helping you and bring your perscription with you. Goodluck and keep us updated!

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Kgirl Says:
via mobile
Yes, I was on 6 mg of klonopin NOT equivalent to 5 mg of xanax. Plus the fact of bring on them for seven yrs, I'm not detoxing from xanax, but klonopin.... This is in reply to the other post that didn't say my name but looked like it referred to me...ty for the info on the urgent car stuff and ya I always keep my meds on me anyway as I have severe SAD and HAD AND NEVER know whn an attack may hit

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