How Long Does Diltiazem Take To Work

Daddy72 Says:

Dr put me on Diltiazm 24 hr er, . Heart rate was high & has be between 79 to 89 all the time. Sometimes I eat and it go to about 110 - 120 per min. I get up at night and go to bathroom and my heart rate gos fast. I also take Lisinopril-hctz blood pressure . will there be a problem with taking both at same time, an how long does it take for Diltiazem to work?

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Verwon Says:

It is normal for it to elevate after you eat and when you get up from resting, there's nothing unusual about that.

They can both be taken at the same time, and are often prescribed together, to help lower high blood pressure as fast and as safely as possible. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension.

I actually can't remember when my was lower than 80, it used to be much higher, so my doctor realized that higher was normal for me and left it alone.

Are you on any other medications? Why are you checking it, when you get up at night?

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Noemi Says:

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I take one a day benezapril/HCTZ 20/12.5mg and one atenolol 25 mg together with one cartia 120mgxt in the morning and another in the evening. How long does it take for these meds to lower my blood pressure. My BP was 180/80 and now it fluctuates from 140/70 to 170/80. I just started cartia 3 days ago but I have been on BP meds for 10 years.

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Jackie Says:

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I was started on cartia XT 3 weeks ago for decreasing heart rate due to atrial fibrillation. I am also on losartan for BP. It has decreased my BP to between 110/70 and 100/62 which is great but my heart rate has been between 80 and 102 in the morning. Is this normal? I walk before I take it----I take my BP and pulse with monitor every AM. Is my heart rate going to improve? How long does it take for Cartia XL to take full effect

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Tamra Says:

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My heart does the same thing goes to fast now when I get up and move. Multaq a drug for a fib was given to me by a doctor who didn't know my history well enough. It was also mixed with my diltiazem I had taken since 2008. New Doctors said it's flutter, wants me to have ablasion. Not sure of this procedure ?

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LAW Says:

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I take Cartia Xt( Diltiazem) for my BP and Carvediol for my fast heart rate. While the first also assists with my HR, it is really the Carvediol which does the trick. I also have positional issues: when I sleep, my HR goes up.Thats why I take the Carvediol at night.

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