How Long Do You Take To Get Pregnant After Jadelle Removal

cathy Says:

I had a jadelle implant removal recently which i had for 9 months. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. Will it be a good idea to take fertility tabs?

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Tinashez Says:

Hi Cathy,

I got mine removed after about 18 months and it took me a long time to get pregnant so I went to my doctor and he gave me doxycaps and cotrimoxazole tablets (they are just antibiotics) but they worked wonders more like they cleaned my womb.

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Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks!

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Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day after having it for five months ,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks!

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Timmy Says:

I have Jadalle for 2 years. Now almost 2 years not getting pregnant. I feel severe pain before period. Some periods have clots. I saw ovulation discharge. What can be the problem

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Mariam salifu Says:

Hi I had a jadelle implant for one and half year and got it removed two months ago because I want to become pregnant as soon as possible. I also experience severe abdominal pain before and during my menses wat could be the problem.

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Anney Says:

I had jadelle for one year and one month, I got removed it one day ago , what long I can conceive pregnancy?

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Maz Says:

I had the Jadelle inputted August 2012 and removed August this year (5 years). I’ve never had any problems with my menses while on it and after removal i still get my regular monthly. However I am 2 weeks overdue on my cycle and did a pregnancy check 2 days ago which came back positive. We’re ecstatic as this is baby number 4 and pleasantly surprised that we got preggo so quickly. Anything is possible and I guess everyone's body is different. As soon as I came off the Jadelle, me and my hubby started taking multi-vitamins and I cleaned up my diet as well. Staying positive and not thinking too much about it helped.

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chilejo Says:

I want to know if i will ever get pregnant after the rsmoval of my jadell implant after 2 years. I have stayed for 7 months nothing is happening. will I get pregnant my husband has got a problem. please advise.

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