How Long Do I Wait After Taking Pills To Take Suboxone

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tina Says:
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I've been on percocets for 2 years. 5mg. 4 times a day. I know not much. now I'm down to 3. my last dose was 1230am. is now 1030. I have an 8 milligram suboxone. how long should I wait. and how much should I take. I just took a 5 milligram klonopin. on my nervousness. my legs are starting to feel a little crampy. got a little stomach pain. so please can someone tell me. how to start this. I know its not much that I did. but they say it doesn't matter. you still get the withdrawal pains. Help .

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jolter Says:

You need to be in wds before taking subs, about 16-18 hrs. The amount of percs you were taking is not that high. Thats actually a prescribed dose. 1, 4x/day. Anyways, one sub isn,t gonna last long. If I were you I,d just go thru the perc wds, 4-5 days and be done with it. If you got Klonopin to help along the way thats all the better. If your gonna take your sub (after waiting 16-18hrs) try a quarter of it and see how you feel after an hour. Taking the sub is only gonna postpone the enevitable I think. Good luck with whatever you do. Post back and let us know how your doing.

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mickeymouse1978 Says:

I was taking 2 norco a day and ran out of supply. I had a sub strip that I got from a relative, took bits of it for a couple days until I got more pills and I had to take 6 pills a day to feel what I did on 2. Don't take the strip unless you are going to get more and if you want off the pills, like the above comment suggest, just go off them. I'm on these message boards trying to weigh my options because i can't afford to keep up this habit, but I absolutely am terrified to try suboxone as a replacement. I used to take methadone for a year and a half and I ended up tapering down and insufflating coke to counteract the methadone and get it out of my system faster to get off of it permanently. I never felt so stuck in my life being on methadone and I don't want the same problem with sub. if you find any good tapering info, please share

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Chrissy9 Says:

Ok,so,I've been on suboxone for 2yrs.,started at 24mgs,now down to 6mgs..I tried to stop a few times,but could not handle the withdrawals.My story is pretty much like everyone else's,even though I didn't consider myself an addict at the time,when IN ALL ACTUALITY I WAS,and still am.Yes,Subs took away the withdrawals and in the beginning I felt amazing(I also take Lexapro&Seroquel ,for other issues.With that being said,do you think it is possible that the Subs are interacting with my other meds,causing them not to work?Like I said!in the beginning the Subs were great,now I am depressed and want to just stop.I wish there was a drug that wasn't addicting to take to stop the Subs.Imagine that.xoxox

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Cats68 Says:
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Hi Chrissy9, u could b going threough withdrawals or it could b your other meds interacting. I'm on 3(8mgs) of suboxone a day Md I take klonopin 4 anxiety. I also take Trazodone and a couple of other meds. I've never had a problem, accept, when I was withdrawing and needed an increase in the suboxone. If I were u, I would talk 2 your Dr and tell him how u feel.

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kkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyy Says:

I am just as concerned as you and have no one to answer my questions so I will try again. i have been taking 15mg or 30mg a day depending on what i have. I got two suboxen so I can get off these. What do I do? I was thinking once I start withdrawals take a half or maybe even just a quarter. next day a quarter, next day a quarter or less. depending. i do not want to be addicted to subs. I only have two I am thinking I will only have withdrawals for 3 days... How long do I have to wait until I take subs? someone help please.... I am lost and need help

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jolter Says:

Hi K, Allways wait until your in wds before taking subs. Around 16-18 hrs is a fairly safe bet.
Subs are not a magic bullet. Some people think a couple subs are gonna get them thru wds and there problems will be all gone. It doesn,t work like that.
It depends on how long you were using and how much.
If you been taking 15-30mg per day of oxy or tabs that is a what a doctor may prescribe for pain.
You would be better off tapering off the pain pills by taking less each day.
But if you can,t do that for whatever reason you could try a little sub AFTER your in wds.
Just cut off a quarter (2mg) of the strip and try that. After an hour see how you feel.
If that doesn,t do it try 2mgs more.
The next day only take half of whatever you took and the next day half etc..
I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Mich Says:
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I agree, don't get on suboxone! The withdrawal from Percocet is probably going to be much quicker than when you have to try getting off suboxone. Just try to get through a week, if you've been given something to help- great. Suboxone addiction is not something you want to have, & really you'd just be trading evils.

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francine143 Says:
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Hi I need help I wS on methadone for 4 years now N I hust desidef I bolonger wanted it anymore! Well I went down the rite way an the last. 5mgs I didnt take, now I havent been on, in 6 days today, ive been so sick I wanna blow my head off, I we? T to my dr. S today an. She gave me confort meds the colozopinns .5 mg comeon noe it hasne even touched me, I bought a sub an took half, im still waiting for it to? Work, hasnt yet im in bad withdrawl please I need feed bab before I plow my head off

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Tommy8180 Says:
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Cut the strip into 3 or for pieces and use only 1 every 12 should wait at least 12 to 24 hours after your last narcotic use b4 using subs...if you take them too soon before you're feeling withdrawals they will spin you right into withdrawals and its a more intense wd than from narco use..Only use them for 2- 3 days during your worst withdrawals and four you should feel ok and day 5 you should be almost 100%...of course everyone is different but this method was told to me by a close friend and I followed it and it helped clean me up... I should note I was a recreational roxy user when a friend gifted me the sub to help me was a godsend for me...I hope this helps...good luck and God bless

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specs Says:
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Friend I am in the same boat as you. I'm. Desperate to get off of these. I have taken a sub b4. U need 2 wait 24 hours after ur last pill. I am sick of this medicine running my life. I do have severe back knee and shoulder problems. But enuff is enuff. I take too much of it. Please let me know how u do

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cynthia Says:

I have been on oxymorphone 15mg and percocet 10mg 4 times a day for the past 4 years. it has gotten way out of control. I now run completely out of my scripts within 10 days instead of 30 days. The withdrawals are unbareable. I cannot drag myself out of bed until I get more of these pills. I lay in bed and cry, my body jerks, and I feel like total death until I take more of these pills. I need to know how long this will last before I can actually feel like a person again?

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britt bratt Says:
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I think everyones different i took 2 sub 8 mgs and 5 hours later took a d4 then a few days later did a roxy 30 mgs and 4 perc 10s earlier in the day and then the roxy 30 about 7 pm and after i did the 30 3 hours later took 2 suboxone 8 mgs and felt fine like i said everyones differt aka i been on sunoxones for 7 months now 2 a day so i guess it jus depends on the person but most ppl arent like that and my tolerence is wayyy high i was a user for 10 yrs n then got in subs 2 a day also.

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DCcc Says:
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You are actually taking a lot of Suboxone. No one really needs more than 6-8 mg a day at the most. At least, this is what I have read, but docs seem to prescribe very high doses quite a bit. I was on 2-2mg films a day and now down to 1-2mg film a day. I was never on hard drugs.

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DCcc Says:
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Do you mean .5mg klonopin? I saw 5 mg and was curious. Seems like a lot of klonopin.

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mmv21 Says:
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I'm sorry to say but it takes about 14-21 days to feel normal again. But u will feel normal again and until u get there u are gonna hate everyone around u and even urself. It does get better though. Jus hang in there. I was arrested for the first time in my life about a yr ago and was taking at least two opana 40s and several Roxie 15s a day but spent 35 days in jail and I guess forced into withdrawal. It was bad going thru it in jail but I had no choice. It took at least 2 weeks to stop being sick and another week before I felt normal. Good luck. Its hard because when u are really sick if you aren't determined to do it u will eventually find some to feel better...but tapering off would have to be better than cold turkey.

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1234devilknockingatthedoor Says:
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Klonopin doesn't come in five milligrams; the highest is two mgs. Perhaps you meant .5mgs?

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Cam Says:
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If u took that little but for so long its not as bad but as say triple its not in your nerves like methadone and think about if u take suboxone that mask all opiates than its no better but actually worse. Only way to be successful is a program that tapers u down right. U did very little and best thing is maybe take a quarter a day. I did up to ten 80 mill oxys And I only needed one sub a day and maybe another half. Your brain can only absorb so much but I'd just take a quarter a day and the perks will b out of ur blood but u will still feel crappy but not as bad. U can take suboxone as soon as u start feeling withdrawals but first time use can make u hella sick like u were thrown into a bad withdrawals if u did methadone ur supposed to wait a week but IV taken subs a few hrs after oxy or perks and a day after methadone. Honestly its gonna b uncomfortable either way but if u need to work just take a quarter sub its enough. It's hard to explain cuz I know all there is about suboxone. If u don't have a job or anything go to a detox center and after five days your fine. I did methadone that was a 30 day withdrawals and suboxone took me 12 days to start withdrawals aand that lasted fourty five days. If u wanna do it without suboxone get benedryle, visteral which is anti axiety if u don't want to use Xanax or benzos, ib profen, clonadine vitamin b12 of or one a day and tremodol every six hrs take one of all but clonadine I'd take one a day Tell the ER exactly the truth and that's what they give u in detox and u will kinda be a zombie for like three days sleeping. Sorry so long just giving alot of options cuz IV done them all. Good luck and ur not.gonna die its mostly mental Lo g with the legs flopping or jumping out of your skin. Hope this helps cuz honestly suboxone is.a long term deal to rebalance chemicals in your brain and have to get tapered right or take a little as you can for a couple days other than that it will just prolong ur withdrawal symptoms. U should have got tappered off but honestly I think u would just feel uncomfortable for 3-4 days

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Baby mama Says:
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Honestly. You'll only WD from suboxone if you're going to be on suboxone long term. If you just use it for say 7-10 days to get thru the opiate withdrawal you will be ok. It's when you use anything long term. and methadone and suboxone WD is terrible. But you have to want to be clean and you have to want to not use. Really staying on a doctors path-whether it's methadone or suboxone is just transferring dependencies. If you use it for weeks or months. I got clean by taking maybe a half every twelve hours for the first three or four days. Then a half a day until day seven. Then depending on how you're feeling maybe a half a day from day seven til day ten.

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Mike Carter Says:
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Yes do what ur guts tell u u see all the replies say the same answer gv it bout five to six hours my dear

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Ravioli Says:
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I've got a question. Are you still on this thread? I feel your knowledgeable about this and I need this question answered now

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