How Long After Taking Percocets Can I Take Suboxone

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mary Says:

I was on methadone and haven't had any since monday. I've been taking percocet to help with withdrawal. I took 10 mg of percocet at about 4:00 this morning. How long till i can take a suboxone?

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mary Says:

how long after taking percocet can i take suboxone

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Been thro it all Says:
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4 days

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Verwon Says:

You should follow your doctor's prescribing instructions.

In order to take Suboxone, you have to be in full withdrawals from other opiates, because otherwise the Naloxone in it could throw you into very dangerous withdrawals.

Learn more Suboxone details here.*

Thus, there is no set time frame for when to start treatment, because the onset of full withdrawals can vary from person to person, depending on how their body handles it. Some people may end up in full withdrawals within 12 hours, or it could be 4 days for others.

What has your doctor advised?

*This is a narcotic, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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ms curious Says:
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Please help! I've been researching on my situation but have not gotten clear answers. Ive been using percocets for about 2 years already. Anymore I wasnt doing it to feel high. I did it to function and to be able to go on with my day. Well recently I decided I do not want to be doing them anymore and I started taking subs this is day 3 with suboxone. Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I continue taking the subs for 4 more days? Do you think that is long enough to fully be over the hurting from the opiates (percocet)?

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Slickr1ck Says:
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It depends on your dose of Percocet each day. If you have a high amount of Percocet in your body everyday, it could very well take up to 5-7 days for it to leave your body. The suboxone just acts as a blocker and an opiate filler in the meantime while the Percocet is making it's way out your body.

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Pocahontas Says:
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Id say 3 to 7 days!

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Corey Says:
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*I'm well aware this is post was written 2 years ago* So basically you're saying you've been on Percocet for 2 years, only to function, and have decided quit taking them altogether right? I saw the other responses and I highly disagree with the "3-7 Days" response, and the other response "5-7 Days" is accurate about the life time it has before leaving your system (although if you're drinking lots of water, you can flush it out MUCH quicker - probably 2 or 3 days). Now you said "fully from hurting" and honestly that could well go up to a couple months... usually the first 3-4 days = pure hell and absolute worst part. After that you're still going to have aches, no energy/ motivation/ ambition, and sadly diarrhea of course - this is what can last up to a couple months. Even after that some say they still have a lack of energy and minor aches. The saddest thing about all of this is that it can take your brain ONE YEAR to return to "normal"... at which firing the entire process and possibly after, you might have cravings (Most say they'll come and go but the longer you're off the less the craving, and I know you said you didn't take them to feel high - but the cravings will still be there regardless). Just think, for TWO YEARS you were in a habit of taking medication that eased the pain, took the edge off, and made you feel good... most unfortunately (including myself before I decided to quit) create some sort of ritual of it (when I woke up, when I went to work, when I got home). So now it feels weird when I wake up, go to work, get home, before bed cuz I feel like I'm missing/forgetting something and it's just me trying to get used to a new life. I tend to ramble, but I hope this helped ya if you were still having issues with it or anyone else that are looking for answers.... After 7 years of being addicted you learn a lot more about yourself than you want to.

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sam Says:
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Now, it won't force you into detox. That was deemed false. I hope its legally being done. Taking subs or methadone illegally isn't considered being clean.

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vicky Says:
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Mixing percs and subs. I took percs and oxy long acting for years through pain management. I could not take the constant need for an increase as my body would adjust so quickly. I went to a diff dr and started my sub journey.took subs for about a year. Finally free of drugs and it was great! Pain was still there and had to change my job to survive. Needed more back surgery so now I'm back on percs 3 surgeries later I'm hooked again. I decided I was going to kick this habit myself (kinda) I would take percs for my "good days" and then go back on subs. Doing this I was able to take more on my good days. I would go to bed after the percs and sleep 8 hrs or more than start on the subs. First few days i would feel minor detox compared to no meds. I only took small amount of subs maybe 1 mg twice a day. I never got suck from mixing them. I did get a mean side. Like stay out if my way if you upset me. My son brought this to my attention and he was right, I was a royal b****! I went to pain management and they found it in my diagnostic results, called and questioned me about it. I like the usual person hooked on meds denied it. Said many prayers hoping they don't cut me off. I have made peace with the fact they might drop me at next appointment. If they do I will take some subs for a month and ween myself off them. Than I will have to be clean again. I will be ok with this. Chasing the need is just crazy. I can't do it any more. IDK how I will deal with my pain but guess I won't have any choice but to suck it up. I hate that term. Long story but what I was trying to say is I didn't get sick just mean. If they don't kick me out I'm thinking it's time to end the percs anyway. No matter how much you have its never enough. I look forward to the day I can take a pain pill and not have detox effects from it the next hour. Until they come up with that. I QUIT!

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BlueEyes Says:
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I'm in the same situation. I did a home experiment with subs to try to come off oxy (have been on high amounts from a very bad car accident I was in 3 yrs ago) and I've realized the meds just aren't helping much anymore and are just a complete addiction. I never got the fun out of highs for taking the stuff, It was ALL for severe pain that lasted over a year. The subs did nothing but make this a huge mistake. Now pills won't help. I'm so over this miserable journey. I'd kill to be a "normal" person. I hope you get through this and know that you aren't alone.

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DixielandRx Says:

To answer the thread question, one can take subuxone as soon as you begin to feel your first signs of withdrawal. Each one of those signs is different, but for us long term users of opiates, we know when "normality" is wearing off, and that plateu becomes a quick slope into feeling lousy. For me personally, my stomach comes back to life (uncomfortably) and I begin to get chills. This happens about 18hrs after my last opiate dose usually. How severe will depend on the amount and time that I used. The more for longer the worse, and vice versa. Longevity is a big factor. If you go months and months without stopping. Regardless of how "little" your taking, the withdrawal will be worse. For those struggling and can't quit, a great way to minimize withdraw is the 2:1 rule. For every two days of use, take one day off. You're not going to go into severe withdraw in 24 hrs, plus the user's brain knows it will get more opiate the next day so user does not experience as severe W/D symptoms. In my humble opinion, you're giving your brain a recovery day. Not only does it allow you to clear some of the drug out of your system, it also lowers tolerance slightly. If you're an addict, take Xanax or marijuana on that "off-day." At the worst, if you did this an entire year, you would have 4 months of sobriety... I'm an addict. I have been since roughly 2010. Mainly Hydrocodone, but I did a year long stint w Oxy that was too much for me to handle and landed me in rehab. Unfortunately, rehab did not solve my addiction. However, what rehab did do was show me "why" I used... Especially, such out of control use. For all us addicts, there is a "thorn" (I like to call it) be it fear, insecurity, disappointment, depression...etc This "thorn" is the root of our motivation to continue to get loaded even though we A) don't want it to continue B) Hurt ourselves or the ones we love.

If one can confront their "thorn", they are curing themselves of the addiction. Not fully, but like any disease or virus you must diagnose it in order to combat it. Once one realizes WHY they prefer to stay on "cloud-9" rather than confront the reality of their own life, they must confront said "thorn." Until then, it's fruitless to just try and stop. We use for a reason (most of us) and we cannot expect to just quit and be fine forever. Statistics have shown that addicts generally have a higher IQ (intelligence level) than non-addicts. Personally, I think that we feel things (emotions/creativity) more so than non-addicts. While, this sounds like a "pro" I believe it can turn on us and in turn lead us to believe we're smart or strong enough to work/live/be in successful relationship AND use opiates. Which in the end is not possible and ultimately the reason we're searching the web for withdrawal remedies. I apologize to all about the verbosity of this "memo" but I felt like I needed to share this. I hope all my fellow addicts can find peace and that you all realize that your "heart/soul" is a million times more powerful than some stupid yellow pill. Mind over matter my friends and Godspeed.

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Lee Says:

If you were to go through any kind of withdrawel it would have been close to immediate - like they would start absolutely within the hour - your stomach would start to hurt and then you would become very nauseous etc., etc so you would definitely know right away - not a few days later. Percocet, Vicodin, Norco, Tylenol 3 or 4 - these particular drugs seem to allow one to take Subutex or Suboxone literally 6 to 7 hours after but again it is contingent on how many one has taken and for how long - I have seen many folks who have been able to take Sub after using any of the above mentioned medications withing a 6 - 7 hr time frame without getting sick. Morphine for certain requires at least 8 to 10 days to avoid withdrawel. But best bet of course always is to discuss with your physician -. I asked my pharmacist how long I would have to wait after taking Dilaudid 8 mgs x 2 weeks to be able to take the Sub and she said, "About 4 hours..." I was absolutely completely surprised as my then doc told me I would have to feel symptoms of withdrawel before I could take - turned out to not be true - I waited five hours, took the Sub and I was fine but that was me....certain narcotics bind more strongly to the receptors than others. Hope this helps.

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shaneyboy83 Says:
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My wife was prescribed Percocet while on suboxone it's not an opiate it's a opioid different

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Johnny Says:
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I take 5-6 10 mg percs a day for 7 months and I want to quit. I have a half of pill of sabox and one strip. The last time I quit I waited 16 hours and took a half of pill and I felt no side affects after.

1. How sever is my habit
2. How long should I wait to take the sabox
3. If the half of pill don't work can I take the strip.
4. How long should I wait after the half of pill beforeign I take the strip.

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Charles Says:
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Hello i have been on suboxon for a little more than a month 4mg 3times a day for morphine withdraw when i left rehab the gave me a few weeks worth and was told to find a subscriber i have had a very difficult time finding a dr so iran out i had a prescription fo Percocet so for the last 5 days i have been taking them how long do i have to wsit before i begin taking suboxon again

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Jj Says:
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If all you took was a 10MG perc then 12-18 hours tops. I took a pink perc 10 at noon then took 4MG sub strip at 6pm same day. No precipitated wd. Maybe people's bodies are different. I am 33, 165lbs, in good shape due to being a full time carpenter. I work hard, lift, and sweat 8-10 hrs a day. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. If you are overweight and or sit around inactive then it will take much longer.

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Debby Says:
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You had a lot a great things to say here- I have had an addiction for a long time now- usual bulls*** started for a medical reason - I functioned well and in a professional way for many years but my life is really hell. I've done the rehab, meetings and all that s***. Now I have an appointment to be assessed for suboxone but not sure if that's right either. Opiate addiction sucks that's for sure. It's hell, but I haven't thrown in the towel yet. And I like what you said about creative artistic people - they will probably cut his because it's too "personal" but I am in the art field.

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Tina Says:
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I took 2 mg sub 10:00 this morning is it safe to take a half of perc 10 mg

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shaneyboy83 Says:
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You can take anything but morphine related drugs from the poppy plant just won't feel the pain killer that much you have to take a lot to feel it

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Chocolate drop Says:
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I took 25mg of percocet this morning. How long do I need to wait to start back on my suboxone strips? I know you have to be in full withdrawal but how do you know you are in full withdrawal?

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