How Long After Taking An 8mg Tablet Of Suboxone Does The Blocker Remain In Your System


how long after taking an 8mg tablet of suboxone does the blocker remain in your system? i am having 6 teeth pulled at once and i am in major pain, the subs will not be sufficeint enough for the pain so i am going to have to take the pain killers from the dentist. i just want to know:::i took an 8mg tablet at 7am yesterday morning (6-16-14) and now it is (6-17-14) so 7am this morning should have been 24hours, and i did not take any today. so will i be ok to take my pain meds, if it does come out of my sysetm in 24 hours? someone please help me i am so confused and in so much pain idk what to do. please let me know your educated answers, thank you

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Based on my research, naloxone has an average elimination half-life of 2 to 12 hours. This means that by the time 24 hours have passed since your last dose, 2 mgs of naloxone should be out of your system for the most part.

However, because these are only intended to be estimates, you may still want to speak with your doctor or dentist first just to be on the safe side. It's really only the buprenorphine that has a longer elimination half-life ranging from 24 to 42 hours; but when it comes to naloxone, it seems like you should be ok in my opinion.

Does anyone else have advice to offer on this?

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Hi Bella, You can take your pain meds a day or so after last sub. Your not gonna feel them like you normally would but they may still help for pain. Your just not gonna feel a buzz.
If your gonna get back on subs after the dental stuff then your gonna have to wait until your in wds. 16-18hrs should do the trick.

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I have been told that you have to take a half or more of a 8mg sub for the blocker to go into effect. Is that true?? For instance if you take a 1/4 of a 8mg strip, does the blocker still work?

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Subs can be so dangerous when people take them recklessly. Even a small amount could possibly set you into withdrawals if you are opiate - dependent and take the sub too soon after the other opiates. I waited about 12 hrs which is the minimum suggested before taking a sub. I already had many symptoms of WDs and thought I could start off slow with the subs to be cautious. You can take pain meds after being on subs but you won't feel them for a few days or more, just don't do this vice versa. Be careful about that stuff please and God bless :)

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Naloxone is not a blocker; the bupenorphine is actually blocking the receptor , because it has a higher affinity to the receptor than do full agonist opiates .

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Had an opiate habit of two or three doses a day, last dose was last friday. I took one suboxone strip cut in pieces, one small piece left that I haven't taken. Today is day six. Should I be ok?

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No. The blocked is in all amounts of strips even 2,mg
As far as,taking something else having teeth pulled, if you took suboxone on say wed, had them pulled in thurs, you can feel the other for pain relief that very day. You will feel more of the pain pills
each day thereafter. It will take at LEAST 2,days before you feel the "buzz' from it - but pain relief should be #1 concern. If it is, your good to go

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Subs remain in your system 21 days. It does not matter if you are on Subutex or Suboxone. Both work the same way. I just had a double mastectomy and reconstruction in OCT. I did not have much time. The only draw back was I was more difficult to put under and the nurses in recovery do not like to give that much Demerol. So my anesthesiologist did it...A recovery nurse's job is to get you out of there ASAP. Not understanding that you can take enough to knock out an elephant... I took my last dose of Subutex the day I went to the surgeon. I ended up doing my pre op that same day. He gave me only 6 days to get ready.. I always say if you are going to be honest with two people make sure you are with your surgeon. I can't express this enough. Most of all your anesthesiologist! On Friday I took about 1/2mg of Subutex and by Sunday night I was in pretty good WD. Started taking Roxy's transitioned on Monday. It's really important you ask your Dr to give you enough to get started on b4 your surgery. And they sent home a few days worth for post op. I took 5 Roxy's a day (percocet, OXY, Tylenol, also muscle relaxers as my chest from the surgery muscles being cut spasm some days. The MR helped me sleep too and remain comfortable. Then transitioned back on to 1/3 mg of Subutex uneventfully the same way I went on. In a perfect world two weeks off b4 surgery is optimal. But as long as you are honest with the dr and the ER drs you should be fine if you are off 72 hrs. You might not get the full effect of a full agonist opioid but you should feel it. Just always be proactive. If they don't listen. Ask the anesthesiologist to come in. They now are finally your best friend should you sadly be in an accident or need surgery.

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Everybody is different. I've been getting my teeth pulled due to gum disease. I'm terrified of the dentists but luckily I've been doing good after having them pulled... nor do I want any pain meds. I'm only taking ibuprofen or aleve for any discomfort that I have and do not have any pain at all... Now I take a lil piece of suboxone before going to the dentist and an advil or aleve. So far so good.. I'm very proud of myself. In the past I would of been eating any and all the pain pills I could get my hands on... Try to tell urself the pain isn't that bad, just a lil discomfort. Mind over matter. I know it's easier said than done. It took me many years to get to this point. Good luck.

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That's wrong, you have it backwards.

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