How Ferrous Gluconate Works

kristine Says:

I started having menstruation when i was 9 years old. After 2 years i was wondering why i missed my period. Then when i got to the doctor, the doctor told me i have a hormonal imbalance. Then she gave me some medication which is the Ferrous Gluconate.

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Jobeth Says:

what happened after drinking Ferrous Gluconate? does it really help if you have hormonal imbalance? i also have the same concern but my OB-Gyne recommended me to take birth control pills like diane 35 or mercilon.

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Sue Says:

My doctor ordered Ferrous Gluconate 325mg/36 elemental iron, and the pharmacy fills it with 324mg/37.5 elemental iron. The pharmacist says there is no difference between the two. Is she right?

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