How Do You Get Red Flagged Or Is There Such A Thing ? How Can A Doctor Void Your Script ?

Miss mom Says:

I went to a pain management dr. I ve had hystorectomy and have been on 10mg / 325 norco. I moved back to florida from New Mexico. Having severe back problems urinary incontinence and etc I went to a Pcp. He gave me 5/325 120 count hydrocodone. Yesterday I went to pain management . Told him I was already on this and it wasn't working. He wrote me 90 7.5/325 and said that's what I needed to take. Get to pharmacy and pharmacy voids script per the doctors Orders. I told the truth. ? What's happening here ? Help!

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Verwon Says:

What isn't making sense to me here is that the doctor would write you the new prescription, then immediately tell the pharmacy not to fill it.

Have you confirmed this with the doctor? Or are you just taking the word of the pharmacy?

Sometimes pharmacies are guilty of making such decisions on their own, without the input of the doctor in question. So, what I think you need to do is contact the pain management doctor that wrote the prescription and ask them about it.

When it comes to this type of medication, it would be perfectly reasonable for a doctor to just write a prescription for the new, higher dosage, rather than asking you to take more of the prior one, due to the Acetaminophen in it and the possible effects it can have on the liver.

Learn more Norco details here.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Meter Maid Says:

Miss Mom, when you started at the Pain Mgmt, they make u sign a drug contract!! You probably just screwed yourself and may get yourself Black-Listed & never get anymore pain meds!! Why am I saying this? Cuz to the Pain Mgmt, it's looks like ur Drug Seeking or Doctor Shopping!!! That other doctor if he looked into the computer, should have seen that u have a drug contract & never gave u that other Rx!! You screwed up royally!! Just saying!!!

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