How Can You Crush New Oxycontin

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I have the new oxycontin and it seems undoable to crush and take them - anybody know anything about that?

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Yea, It is made so that you can NOT abuse them! Why would you want too in the first place? Abusing them is why they changed from the O.C. to the O.P. I guess a lot of people thought that the O.C. meant Okay to Crush, now it means Oxy Puddy! I don't think they work as well. Those who really need them for pain well I am sorry but we will have to live with a little more pain then we have in the past. I don't like it one bit but at least it will cut back on the abuse! THANK YOU for that! If people did not abuse them then it would have stayed the same and for us who live in constant pain well we now have to suffer because of the abusers! Thanks you *****S! This drug was a life saver for me. It let me go back to work after being crushed by a Semi Truck while riding my Harley on a Highway. The Doctors saved my life and put a few new parts in me but they can't get all of me Pain Free. Oxycontin made it possible for me to live a little bit better life. when I was in the hospital they told me I would be unable to work for many reasons pain being one of them! I over came most of the problems but the pain would wipe me out with in an hour or less, with the Oxys I could make it thru the day and come home and rest up for the next day. Now I am lucky to get four hours out of one 80mg. But I guess that is worth the pain if it will make people leave the damn drug alone and let us who live in pain have a semi-normal life. I guess you all will have to find something else up your noses or in your veins! I do not feel sorry for the abusers. YOU CHOOSE TO ABUSE IT! NOW Maybe you will have some of the pain we live with everyday while you go thru withdrawal, but that will pass, ours will not!

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Verwon Says:
Very sad that some people must abuse such a good medication.

But yes, the new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to prevent abuse and retain its time released properties, even if you try to crush or chew it.

Side effects are supposed to be the same: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.

Read more: https:/­/­­wiki/­OxyContin/­

Does anyone have any questions?

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Bob Says:
Hey, "oxylifesaver": WHY do you only get "...4 hours" of pain relief out of an 80mg IF you take them AS DIRECTED? Personally, I think your full of s--t. I, too, had an injury at Ground Zero and now have cancer. Oh, I'm a disabled cop. Sometimes, after years of taking opiates, you have to either take more than prescribed or find a way to introduce the narcotic into your system faster. So, before you bitch about how everyone has screwed up this med, take a good look at how YOU take them and what you wrote.

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live&letlive Says:
Hey there oxylifesaver ,verwon & the rest of the whining self righteous posters(posers).You are the ABUSERS.Why don't you try answering the question at hand?I didn't see any questions regarding your pain or your views. All you are doing is abusing this topic to get sympathy. Answer the question, try to be human.Or keep your opinions to yourself.If your not ABUSING drugs I seriously feel sorry for your family.because you need help(couch time)and lots of it.

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Live and let Live......Do as your Name says Live and let Live, I don't want any more DEATHS with this drug! I Live in 24 hour pain from being crushed by a truck while riding my motorcycle. less then a 2% chance of living thru the night my children were directed by the doctors too go to my bedside and say theur good byes to me! My pain at times is more then you will ever know unless you have cancer and are about to die. To those who have the Cancer I am more then willing to help them find away to get out of pain. but I know that there are so many that are just abusing this drug, I see them every time I go to a specailist office and I hear them talk! If people want to find away around the new formula then just go and shoot HERION! It is the same high from what I understand. I am not on a high horse I am mad that this wonderful drug has been made less effctive because of the crime that it has caused! If you are in that much pain go back to your Doctor's office and tell them that your still in pain! Don't abuse the drug that is giving you your life back!

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RcR Says:
You are the reason this drug has a bad name.,
I have an idea,tell us your name and address and we will send help and no matter what,DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!

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Bob, I wish that you could get this drug in to your system as fast as possible. You need it, I am so very very sorry for your pain, For you I really would love to find away to get around the new formula. My complaint is about the people that want to abuse it that is all. That is all I have ever said. You need it and more I undrstand that! But for us who have pain that can be managed to a point that we can live with I do not think it is something that we should be doing
(abusing) PLease do not take this the wrong way but you have every right to live as comfotable as possible. I don't want to say that you earned it because you didn't by being at ground zero, But if any one has a right to get around this it is people like you.NOT People like me. I am so sorry that you took my words the wrong way. they were aimed at the people who ABUSE and also the ones who have the drug illegally.Not to anyone who really need it. I watched my Mother and Grandmother suffer with cancer and my Sister and I would have done any thing for them to make their pain less if I could.
To all of the people I have reread my words and I can see why some would get mad, My Puncuation and choice of words did not come out the right way, It was strictly aimed at the abuser for other reasons. Dentist have prescribed this drug for root canal, Foot doctor's have written script for removing in grown toenails. Oxycontion was made for people that have very little chance of ever living with out serve chronic pain, not for something that will heal in a week or two! So Please all of you who need this drug to maintain some sort of better quality of life I am sorry if you took this the wrong way.If you all noticed that quite a few posts were deleted because of the people that were telling ways of beating the new formula. that is what drew my attention and that is who I was aiming at. The young lady who saiid that her and her friends were microwaing and freezing it, to the other person who said to use some sort of chemical to cut the gelling down.They were my target. So Please once again forgive me if I came off in a HIGHER THEN NOW attitude

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Also To he Person who said I should just answer the Question at hand.....Here is my Answer as of now their is no way of crushing it, You can cut it with a simple tool, I am sure are you all looking for the name of the tool???

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I need to clarify my last post.
As Of Right now there is no way of crushing the pill. There is a way to cut it I am sure of this , Is that what you want to know the name of the tool? I am not trying be a smartmouth either.

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kirsty Says:
have any of you guys tried cutting it into smallish pieces and heating it in a spoon with a lighter? im not being sarcastic. this has worked for me with other stuff, it sometimes increases the potency, i think it might get around the time release stuff or something. i dont know, im not a chemist, but it might be worth a try

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Pillbilly Says:
You can break these peice of s**t op's down. Use a needle nose vice grips and a dremel tool over a good sized bowl. Your better off just swallowing the powder instead of snorting it but you can sniff it if you want.

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eternal sunshine Says:
Maybe some people have a hard time swallowing pills, did u ever think of that? I have a legal script and a very bad gag reflex.

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The Preacher Says:
OK, let me set you all straight as I have info on the time release component you all do not. First, you will never get it to a fine powder state as before due to the fact the drug is bound to the time release agent. Second, by heating it you change the state of the agent where it becomes very harmful to your lungs and may cause stroke if injected (think burnt plastic). Third, there are no secret ways to deactivate the time release agent by soaking it in salts or whatever. Fourth, a lot of research by very smart people went into the time release formula to make it hack proof. Fifth, best bet for rapid release, drop into 1/2 cup high critic acid drink, like OJ overnight and drink, it will be thick, but the most rapid way into your system. Sixth, quit wasting your time attempting to defeat the timed release, all the methods I have seen listed, plus many far more advanced DO NOT WORK. Purdue now has a crappy drug that is less effective, makes you sick, takes longer to work and does not last anywhere near as long. It is going to cost them dearly. Bide your time, this will change as the generic makers sue Purdue for the right to manufacture Oxy again using the old formulary.

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live laugh love Says:
oxylifesaver, i highly recommend switching to opana er they are stronger and last longer and are mainly only precribed to cancer patients so hope that helps <3

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behappy Says:
U can take off the time release by licking the pill and rubbing it on ur hand. It will kick in faster but still no way to make a fine powder.

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311fan Says:
Now, I have nothing against those who choose to abuse Oxy or any other pharmaceutical drug because it is frankly none of my business. We have been trying to stop drug use for over a century and lets face facts, if people want to do drugs then they will find a way. Anyways, SWIM has found a way to cut the binders and make these new OPs ready for abuse. Keep in mind this can also be used for those of you who are not wanting to shoot or snort them. While this process is somewhat tedious, the end result is a higher grade of pain medication. I am not sure if the majority of posts on this Web site are from people who are actually suffering from side-effects which resulted from the new formula or they are genuine addicts who are looking to beat Purdue's new menace. Regardless here are the steps to beating the block (THIS ACTUALLY WORKS, IT MAY SOUND WEIRD BUT BELIEVE SWIM, I WATCHED THEM DO IT.):

Step 1: Use a damp paper towel, or similar, to remove the outer coating. Remember to dry pill rather quickly.

Step 2: Use a grinding tool, preferably an unused PediPaws (NOT A PED EG as stated in an earlier post, this just doesn't work nearly as well). Grind the pill onto a ceramic plate, grind the pill so it goes away from you and onto the plate. Takes a few minutes. (PILL MUST BE GRINDED AND NOT CRUSHED DUE TO NEW FORMULA)

Step 3: Spread the ground up pill evenly as possible on the plate. You almost want an even layer of pill throughout.

Step 4: Place the plate in the microwave and set for 3-5 minutes (TIME WILL VARY WITH MICROWAVE STRENGTH). For new people, you might want to check it at about 2.5 minutes just to be sure you are not melting or burning the pill. Also, having a see-thru window helps, as you may monitor the pill's progress. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS AN END RESULT OF YELLOW POWDER. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PROCESS. The entire pill powder must be yellow for this to work. So just be sure to find the perfect median point of turning yellow without burning.

Step 5: Scrape powder up with credit card (or similar). Now supposedly the pill may be snorted in this form, however, SWIM was not doing this to snort it, rather to IV.

If you are not choosing to IV the powder then you are done. The heat destroyed the binders in the pill and it can now be taken orally and will have results similar to the old formula, possibly with 5-10 mgs less due to heat but this is of course pure assumption. SWIM said it feels like the old 80s if not better, however SWIM was high when he said that. But at least this provides some hope that the process does in fact work.


Now for those of you wanting to feel the rush here is the final steps.

Step 6: Heat water in spoon, prior to adding powder, this will not only help decontaminate the water but will also aid in the following steps. Bring about 120 units of water to a boil in spoon and then put lighter away as you will no longer need it. (You use 120 units because the pill and heat will reduce it to about 90-100 units)

Step 7: Now, add the powder a little bit at a time, stirring as you go. Keep in mind, the solution will not be clear. So if this bothers you then I suggest you just swallow it. Believe SWIM though, even though it is a little thick and yellow, it is fine he says.

Step 8: Because most of us are not chemists, micron filters are probably not readily available. Therefore take a cigarette butt and use that as you normally would. NO COTTON SWAB, this causes cotton fever. Now hopefully you have a syringe with a removable needle tip (these can be found in the .5ml insulin syringes but not in 1 ml 100 unit syringes). If you don't have a tip that comes off then it will take a while to draw up through the filter, but have patience it will happen (about 10-15 minutes). If you do have removable tip, take it off and place a piece of filter almost into the opening, not all the way because you don't want it to suck in when drawing. Draw up the solution, it won't take long with this method, and pour into a separate spoon. (WHILE MOST LIKE TO SKIP THIS STEP, IT IS WORTHWHILE).

Step 9: Repeat step 8, drawing the liquid up through a fresh filter. Now, you could theoretically repeat this step but two is enough. At this point you should reattach your needle tip and well, you know the rest.

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Its Simple Says:
The easy answer is.....Instead of trying to crush it, or cut it up into peices. What You have to do is, grind it against a metal file, over some sort of container to catch it (like shredding cheese). And thats it, you have a fine powder. And if you wanted to try to smoke it. after you had turned it into powder put a line of it on foil then use a straw & lighter then just follow the line with said, straw & lighter. but it is very harsh, I dont recomend it. Have Fun

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djkidmethod Says:
Oh swim says he loves oxy's and loves to abuse them too... Just loves it, and well if your not half dumb then you would realize that theres a drug called opana Hydromorphone that is stronger and can be crushed snorted, shot, or like some of you like you can stick the powder up your ass!!! Specially for the tough Harley rider who just made a bunch of idiots believe that he figured out a way to make the time release disappear... Oh thats right it is built into the medication.... Hmmm about the most you helped with was showingg them how to put it in a poweder thats not water soluble... You deserve to go down in history, genius who cant ride a bike / crashed while on a cell phone with boyfriend, and now telling everyone how to abuse an unabusable pill.. My F'ing hero :)

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Karrie Says:
The old formulation worked fine when taken as prescribed, why would anyone have to abuse it? Now this new formulation doesn't work and there are a lot of people just trying different things with it to get the same pain relief as before. We shouldn't have to mess with any pill for it to work properly. Something is really wrong with this picture. Can we sue purdue for changing it? For putting us through so much agony? Making our lives a living hell? I think they don't work because our bodies weren't made to digest plastic. Who would do such s ridiculous thing? I think they should be sued for selling a faulty product! Someone needs to take responsibility for the pain we are feeling because of this change. You know what I'm sayin'?

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MAD Says:

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