How Can I Get The Perry Active Pills

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under weight and heard that the pery active pill helps gain weight and keeps it on

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Verwon Says:

The correct name of the medication is Periactin, it containd the active ingredient Cyprheptadine. It is commonly used to treat allergic reactions and it can stimulate the appetite.

Common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and blurred vision.

Read more here:


As to whether or not you will actually gain weight or keep it on, I cannot say. This medication has not actually been researched and approved for that purpose.

Some people are just naturally small, like myself.

Are you currently seeing a doctor?

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tiffeny Says:

how can i get this pill,do i have to see my dr before

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tiffeny Says:

what is the side effect when use in this pill,

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kk Says:

Does this increase your appetite

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rek Says:


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Newnew Says:

Yes it keep you feeling hungry...

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aries Says:

How can I get perry active pills

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tasha Says:

can I get these pills from behind the counter

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Perry active Says:

Where can I get this pills from

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sattera Says:

I want to try perry active so I can gain weight. Does anyone have feedback on it?

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brandy kemp Says:

How can I order the Perry active weight gain pills?

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Nat Says:

No I am not seeing a doctor currently. I have taken them before. They helped me. But....unfortunately I didn't know that I couldn't keep it .....

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Kevin Says:

Im 6"1 155pounds & 45 n2days 46 years old the most I ever weighed was178 in 1995 I would like to gain a few pounds

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