Help With 10mg Oxycodone How Long Take Get Off?

Elisa Says:

Trying to go down on being pill dependent. I stop cold turkey went 9 day's the 1st time I tried. It wasn't pretty my hold body was in shock. 2nd time trying to go without now, just take half my pill instead 2 times a day it's working but body is not happy and seem like my blood is on fire, bad headache, sweats, stomach hurts in different parts. Now my side hurt on left back side lower side. I kw this crappie hurts but Dr said I will have to take rest of my life. I not going to be pill dependent anymore. So I've been on 10mg 5 times a day. Ready 4 this??? 8 years. 8 long years been on them. So it's been 15 days been taken only 1 pill a day half in morning then only half when body has to have it. So how long does it take. Note I will not try or want to use anything to get off like blockers. I want to do this the hard way. The way I got on them. Any information 4 me???

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Maven Says:

Been on some type of pain pills since 2006. The latest Rx was on MS contin 15mg. 2x per day, and percocet 10mg. 4x per day. Quit both, cold turkey, by using an herb named corydalis. Being in a s**t mood for about 2 weeks was the ONLY withdrawal symptom I experienced. I ordered corydalis from Puritan's Pride. Also, the corydalis controls my severe low back pain and neck pain BETTER than the Rx. Definitely worth trying....


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Scott Says:

KRATOM look for it online I use a company called KRAKEN KRATOM. Order the Bali strain and it's kind of harsh tasting but put 1 teaspoon in some grapefruit juice four times a day you won't have any withdrawals after a week just stop taking the KRATOM and that's it trust me it is a miracle

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DocOct Says:

Scott is right about kratom. When i first experienved kratom relieving withdrawals I was SHOCKED that doctors arent using it over all other replacement methods. Just be sure you stop the kratom, I've gotten hooked on that and it sucks. It's not as bad as OC. But it's a pain in the Ass. Try kratom, you can even take your half in the morning and then dose the kratom at night and do that until you feel comfortable going just kratom and then nothing. But I wouldn't take the kratom longer then 2 - 3 weeks at most. Try and do it as fast as your body can handle.

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VerFree Says:

When I stopped high doses of Oxycodone, and Morphine, cold turkey years ago, it took a little over a month, before I started to feel back to normal. A slow taper will likely prevent the worst of the possible withdrawal symptoms, but it could still take several weeks for you to feel more normal.

Withdrawal symptoms may include nausea, diarrhea, headaches, depression, and rebound pain.

How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?

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