Headache Tablet Name

kongkon Says:

From the very start of the day I get a very bad headache. My body functions less and I feel tired. Please advise.

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Gurusangappa Says:

Dear sir,

One side headache in monthly one or two time and vomiting please give any good medicine.

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Riyaj Says:

Mujhe 10 din se sir me bahut dard rahta hai kafi Tej mai so nahi pata koi dawa bta dijiye. Meri age 25 year hai.

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Riyaj Says:

Aap ne Jo Headache tablet mujhe lene ke lite bole hai sir ji o kis cumpny ki hai aur uska formula bhi bta dijiyega sir ji please

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ghouse Says:

I've had a severe burning sensation in my head for the past 8 days. What might be the problem and how can I cure it?

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Tasleema Says:

I am a 45 year old lady and I have headaches which last 3 to 4 days and come once or twice in a month. Can anybody give me advice as to what kind of medicine I should take?

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Kalpanasurendar Says:

I have had neck and shoulder pain for the past 2 years, which turns into a headache and aches above my neck area. My Neurologist's medicine gives only temporary relief. I'm not able to sit for more than half an hour.

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