Hallucinations From Vyvanse

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ty Says:

my son was on vyvanse for a year his doc raised his dose he started hearing voices and we lowered the dose. he was off the med for the summer and back on it again when school started , He started having more auditory halucinations on it again so we stopped again . But the voices did not go away now this time . vyvanse did in fact cause this . anyone else have that problem. I have heard others havingng some auditory hallucinations from it but did not hear about how long it lasts . he has been off vyvanse now for a year and still gets them a few times a week and has to go on risperidol but he feels like a zombie and his ADD is beyond bad now and I swear he was never ADD when the doctor put him on it .he was depressed over a friends death and couldnt focus in school . I told the doctor this but she said it would help his focus and now my son is ruined for life. will the voices ever go away and will he ever be able to focus again , he feels like his memory is so bad now and has a hard time even more so concentrating on anything . i wish i knew about this nasty drug before hand and of course the doctor swore up and down that it was safe and no side effects

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Verwon Says:

The doctor told you that it had no side effects?

For future reference, EVERY medication carries the risk of causing side effects, even over the counter products.

Didn't you get an information sheet on it from the pharmacy? Those always list some of the possible side effects.

And, as to the auditory hallucinations, if they are still continuing a year after he stopped the medication, then they most likely weren't solely due to his taking it.

It's likely that there is something else going on.

Have you taken him to a specialist, such as a psychiatrist?

Learn more Vyvanse details here.

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Slick Says:

Slick can definitely relate but used adderral almost the entire time. They are the same except the one your son was taking was time-released. Slick heard the voices for two years and it was the worst you can imagine. It is called amphetamine - induced psychosis and sometimes lingers a long time after quitting. Slick truly feel for you and your son and get him all the help you can cause Slick is full grown but still suffers cause of it. Hope you got answers you were searching for.

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Ken Tender Says:

These posts make me so sad. Listen, I don't expect you to listen to me but please oh please hear me out. I landed here because I have a boy on my baseball team. His mother told me he had ODD. I didn't know what it was but it is Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I was appalled to find out about this diagnosis. I was reading on WebMd and it called this a "mental disorder." This is speaking CURSES over these children!!!!!!! I appeal to you with all of my heart for you to pursue the word of God on these issues and the Word of God tells us how to deal with our defiant children and our children that the world has labeled with ADHD and all the rest of this nonsense. He tells us to love our children by spanking them when they are defiant. He tells us to love them by giving them the word of God and teaching them the GOOD ways that a child should behave towards his/her parents. But you have to do this consistently and NOT out of anger and abuse. I am making a plea to you guys to get a hold of this before it's too late. These drugs are killing our children and turning them into ZOMBIES. Please hear my heart.

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Tracy Says:

Good Lord. I will not speak in third person or from the pulpit but as an experienced psychiatric nurse. Unfortunately, its sounds as if he may be having some true psychiatric issues. In that, "Slick" may be correct. Late teens, early 20s are the prime age for schizophrenia to start. It can strike anyone but can be genetic or brought on by street drugs or psychotropic medications so he should be seen by a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

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tg Says:
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my son has been on vyvanse since January 2013 he was alright on it then we decided to up the dosage about 4 weeks ago know he's constantly complaining of his eye's are out of socket, bones are broken, fingers are dislocated, the list goes on and on. He has never done or said anything like this before. In my opinion I think it's this medicine causing these hallucinations.

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Victor Says:

so he was on it for a year and he started hearing voices and you let him start taking it again? whats the matter with you...

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HLC Says:

Dear ty post,
My son, (17 yrs.) had a similar experience with Vyvance. He was on it for 2 years at 30mg, yet when his dose was increased to 50mg he started showing worse side effects, like insomnia, weight loss, irritability and then the voices. He is now off vyvance for 7 months and diagnosed with extreme anxiety with possible schizoaffective disorder. We have no family history of any mental disorders. He is on xyprexa, 5 mg (anti psychotic) and doing well. I think what caused the melt down for my son was increased stress(school related) on an increased dose of vyvance. We have since discovered my son is very sensitive to medicine and shows symptoms on the lowest of doses on different medications we have tried. The voices have gone away and I would like to get him on medicine to treat his anxiety. He is seeing a psychologist once a week for talk therapy. To conclude, yes I believe the vyvance caused or contributed to my son's psychosis (auditory hallucinations.) I'm not totally against using medicine, but I prefer to use it as last resort and hopefully for just a short time until we discover and practice better coping skills. Yes, my son has some attention issues. He also is very bright (142 IQ) and a classic underachiever. However, general anxiety can cause similar symptoms as ADD, like inattentiveness and difficulty in memory and focus, but the treatment of stimulant meds for a kid with anxiety put him over the edge. We are just now coming out of the dark hole we have been dealing with for 6 long months. Such as being out of school for 5 months his Jr. year with no home schooling, trying a dozen different meds, countless Dr. visits( 4 different Doctors to keep him from being hospitalized) along with school meetings, testing and finally an IEP to help him finish his Sr. year and hopefully graduate. I'll just say one last thought, my first concern is for my son's mental, spiritual and physical health and well being and secondly for his education. Keep that perspective. There have been a few medical and educational professional that have been complete road blocks to the process, yet there have been competent and helpful Dr.s and school personnel along the way also. You are your child's only parents and need to calmly and clearly advocate for your child in both the medical and educational environment. I have a strong faith and reliance on God that has carried me through this whole ordeal a love for my son and hope for his future. Good luck and God bless, HLC

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Carolann Says:

My son also has had the same symptoms (hearing voices) while on Vyvanse. We actually had to have him hospitalized because the voices started telling him to harm himself. Thankfully the doctor at the hospital realized it was the Vyvanse and changed his medication. He does suffer from depression and had difficulty in school (hence the Vyvanse), but the side effects of this medication are just not worth the benefit it may or may not have. Since stopping the Vyvanse (about 2-3 months) he has not heard any voices. We also turned to the Bible for strength and prayer has also helped him termendously.

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Resa Says:

How is your son doing. My son is ten and has ADD. The doctor increased his dose and he is having the same symptons. We are taking him off this medication. He was never like this until this medication.

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Emily Says:

I have taken Vyvanse for about 2 years. When I went off the medication, the withdrawal symptoms were terrible- from migraines where my eyes also felt like they were hanging out of sockets, to grinding pain in my joints and severe muscle aches. Not sure if the proper way to go off Vyvanse is done via lowered dose, but I do NOT recommend cold turkey without doctor's assistance. Its a painful ordeal.

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susy Says:
via mobile

It seems more like Schizoaffective Disorder then Schizophrenia.

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janey Says:

My son was on Adderall XR and started having auditory hallucinations. They were horrible and were present every day all day. We took him off the medication and put him on Latuda for a few months. I am happy to say the voices are gone. He is 16. The voices were horrible. Now he is off everything and is a joy! He is so happy. No voices. It took him months to get back to normal. It does take time for the brain to get rid of the effects of these medications.

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John Says:

My 21 yr old son has the same problem. Took vyvanse for only several months and its been almost a year and the voices are relentless.. Feel so bad for him...He won't take any medications at all now because of this.. Please pray for him and all the other children that are effected by this and similar problems

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Sueper Mom Says:

My 13 year old daughter started hearing voices about a year ago but never said anything. She was on 50 mg of vyvnase (80 lb girl). It had been increased because she wasn't getting her homework done before the medicine wore off. This summer they got worse and she told me about them. She has had three incidents of hearing voices since June 1, 2014 - September 15, 2014. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After visiting our psychiatrist I decided to see a naturopath who did a mineral hair analysis. She was low on several key minerals. She had no measurable reading of lithium and very low levels of potassium both of which will cause hallucinations. She has been taking 2.5 mg lithium orotate and 150 mg of potassium Glycinate and 150 mg of Potassium iodide for the last three weeks. (since November 1). Things are so much better. We also had to see a new psychiatrist because the plan changed. We met the new psychiatrist today and she felt that my daughter didn't need any other meds for schizophrenia. We are just going to watch and see what happens. She feels that this dose of Vyvanse may have caused the hallucinations. However she wanted her to take Concerta for her ADHD and we will start that in the morning. I hope she is right because it has been a nightmare for both of us. I will sleep well tonight!

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nick Says:

you can not blame vyvanse 100%. it could have been the drug to awaken a deeper issue. people can be suffering from mental illness almost their whole life but usually it takes some form of episode to seek help. There are no blood diagnostics for mental illness unfortunately. We have to put our fate in the doctors. yes there are rouge doctors handing out anything you ask for, there are doctors schooled in different times/hasnt got up to date on things/you also do not know what your son told the doctor. the doctor probably asked him if he was depressed,and he said NO. Knowing most people, especially young males do not want to admit being depressed because of social stigma. he could have told the doctor symptoms that co-exist with ADD. someone very depressed a lot of times loses thought, concentration, etc. also has he been checked for bi-polar? the stimulant could have sent him into a deep manic state. a lot of people with bipolar do not understand mania as a bad thing, when they get way too excited, it could be anything. mania is sometimes viewed in a positive way by the person. Some great ideas and inventions have come from people in a manic state. its a serious problem but becomes a major problem when the manic state effects other people like hurting others etc. so i wouldn't go bad mouthing vyvanse off the top. i am not a doctor and i assume you are not,but I hate and disagree when a parent says my son has never had adhd etc… iv had it as a kid but add and mental health was not really brought up. i just assumed i was just not smart. i wanted to do good and wanted to read but something just wasn't registering. the only negative i get from vyvanse is when I'm putting in hard work today i sometimes think if i was treated in school and was able to work hard in school, that the hard work today would be easier!!

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minoguesque Says:

On the contrary you CAN blame Vyvanse. It is lisdexamfetamine sulphate, a derivative of the far most commonly seen drug of this class, dexamfetamine sulphate. That is also the drug which makes up 75% of the active ingredients of the US-licenced only drug Adderall.
The PIL is quite clear that this is a relatively common side effect; the corresponding leaflets for the more commonly seen amfetamines also list hallucination but as a 'rare' side effect. These are not arbitrary terms - they refer to the amount of persons using the drug in question who have reported a particular effect experienced whilst taking a drug, the precise definition of 'common', 'less common', 'rare' and 'very rare' may be found in the Formularies of most countries of which I know, the most comprehensive of which are the UK BNF, US PDR, IP, and probably the best reference, Martindale's.
Methylphenidate, for example, lists auditory hallucination as 'very rare' and dexamfetamine 'rare'.
So in fact Vyvanse has a far greater propensity to cause these things than any other drug used for ADHD (it is only licenced in the US).

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nick Says:

I said you can not put full blame on the Vyvanse. If they are hearing voices it most likely due to other mental issues that has been awaken by the stimulant.

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bkcasino Says:

my daughter is on vyvanse and started hearing voices just this last week and we took her totally off it but the voices are gone now....they should not be putting kids on this stuff..

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Susan Says:

I had a very similar experience after taking vyvanse. I am raising my 13 year old niece whose mother was on meth and alcohol throughout her pregnancy which can cause schizophrenia. We saw a psychiatrist and after researching the meds, I decided to see what a naturopath said. We have been very happy. The naturopath prescribed B12 on the first visit and a mineral hair analysis test which showed she was very low in potassium - lack of which can cause hallucinations. The hair analysis also showed a 0 level of lithium. Your body does need some lithium. She began taking potassium and lithium supplements - not the lithium carbonate that the psychiatrist prescribe but a safer lithium called lithium orotate. We had to start out at a very low dose because it made her so sleepy but gradually built up to the level the doctor thought was correct. We will probably get another hair analysis within the next three months to see what level she is at. She rarely has any hallucinations now. She is now functioning very well in school again. She is a happy normal child again.

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John Says:

My sons voices just seemed to get worse and worse until his new Dr. put him on Abilify. My son refused to take his meds but the way the Dr. explained it to him is what made the difference. First he asked him if he knew what a diabetic was..he said yes. then he explained that diabetics need to take medication to keep their sugar in check and my son had to do the same for the chemical imbalance in his brain and that no one acknowledges that someones the brain can get sick. The Abilify is a shot once a month which is much easier and worked astonishingly well. Within 2 weeks he has not heard a peep. It is his 4th month now and still 0 problems. I hope and pray that your child will get better asap. Good luck to you and your family. I know what you are going thru and my heart goes out to you.

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