Greenstone Xanax Verses Dava Brand?

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MellowYellow48 Says:

I took the mylan brand 0.5mg xanax for many years from cvs and had no problems. about a year or so ago cvs switched to Greenstone and I Liked them. In fact I think they worked better for me then the mylan brand. Then I called in one of my refills and cvs had switched again to Dava brand. I took as perscribed and started having panic attacks. I didn't understand so I doubled up on my med and they started to work. Im just wondering if anyone has had this experience with Dava brand Xanax the are a big oval shape with a S-500 marking if I remember corectly on the 0.5mg tablets. I found Greenstone's at a old family drug store and thats all they sell regardless of price the pharmacist said, because thats what all his xanax takers want is Greenstone.

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StreetScholarNSA Says:

The .5mg Dava are yellow footballs, scored on one side and imprinted with s 901 on the other. I find them to be very effective and way more potent than Mylan. One thing I will say about Mylan is that there seems to be less sedation.

Greenstone are good. That's what I started out with years ago. Probably the best available generic alprazolam available. I was switched from Greenstone to Dava and noticed some subtle difference. The Dava were more sedating and seemed to be more even more potent than the Greenstone. It just took me time to adjust and then the Dava started working pretty good.

I most recently switched to Sandoz and this was peculiar. While still having some of the Dava in my system I took a Sandoz and seemed to have paradoxical effects such as you described. Curious, I thought, as the only difference between any form of xanax should be the fillers and the dye for color. Somehow I don't think that's the case.

Anyway, after a couple of days of the Sandoz making me feel weird I adjusted to them. They are also highly sedating.. much more than Greenstone or Mylan. I usually have to amp up on caffeine after taking them to stay awake. They do, however, completely kill anxiety and massive panic attacks quickly. As do the Dava.

Seems the Greenstone are better suited for social anxiety and the Dava and Sandoz are more suited for panic anxiety. Just my observation. That being said I will not accept any generic alprazolam unless it's Greenstone, Dava, or Sandoz. They're all quite good but there does seem to be a slight paradoxical effect when switching between them.

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EDDY Says:

All in your mind for the most part?

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Tone Says:
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Thats funny there is a difference and if you take the med the way your supposed to you brain will adjust, well I think the message was right on target.

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Buster Says:
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I had Dava brand from Sam's Club and they sucked period I got lucky this month my doctor gave me 2 milligram 3 times a day and after all the pharmacies four of them anyway only had Mylan brand I knew better so I happened to stumble into Target and they have greenstone and I filled it

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Rem Supreme Says:

Greenstone and Dava are the best generics in my book. The ones to stay away from are Purepac AKA Purecrap, Mylan, and Geneva (GG249). The Geneva used to be good but the last few times I had them they weren't the same.

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Mason Says:

Re: Rem Supreme (# 5)

The GG 249 are Sandoz white 2mg bars (they [Sandoz] haven't been called Geneva since 2003). I'm currently getting these though Kroger pharmacy and they are probably the best alprazolam i've ever had. I've been on all of them (greenstone, dava, mylan) except for Actavis.

Are you sure the GG 249 you got were legit pills? Like I said they're tops in my book and haven't heard any others complain about them. Quite the contrary, they're widely known to be high quality alprazolam.

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RR008 Says:
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Re: Mason (# 6)

Me too, I've been prescribed Sandoz Pharma.
(Double G's) for a very long time, and they are the best all around in quality. Even with the tolerance your body builds from taking them over time, they still act almost instantaneous. Well, only if the person doesn't eats half the bottle in a few days, than like most that abuse them will always say their weak. Lol

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Doc 2019 Says:
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Re: Rem Supreme (# 5)

You can't be talking about Sandoz Pharma?!
I've been prescribed Sandoz brand Alprazolam for over 10 plus years for panic attacks and Anxiety, and have had every other brand over the years, due to changes in Insurance, and Pharmacy changes. Definitely respect your opinion, but as a patient, and a person who doesn't abuse or misuses Xanax, I can tell you without a doubt, that Sandoz brand Xanax are the overall best Alprazolam for its overall quality, and consistency. I get that everyone's genetic makeup is different, and most of all, it depends on if your taking it as a patient, and how well it works in treating your independent areas it's intended on treating. Most people who arent "Prescribed" Xanax (Alprazolam) are the last ones to ever ask, because they can't give you honest feedback from a patients perspective who is and who has suffered from an illness. They'll just tell you that this color is better than that color, or stronger than etc. all because their basing it off of how "high" or how nodded out they get. Plus, their tolerance is so damn high up, that nothing is a good choice anymore. My fault for the rant, just saying from a patients perspective, out of all the different types of alprazolam, myself and others had a lot of great luck with Sandoz "GG's. Like I said, every person is different, and it just depends on what it's perscibed for, and how well it works in managing the certain areas where you need it most.

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Mason Says:

Re: RR008 (# 7)

That original reply (#1) "StreetScholarNSA" was me. I used that handle a long time ago! I just mentioned in a different thread that i'd never had Greenstone. I forgot that at one point I did get .5mg Greenstone. I've been on Xanax for nearly 8 years. Chalk it up to anterograde amnesia. lol

Greenstone, Sandoz, Dava.. all high quality alprazolam. I totally agree with you about the Sandoz acting the fastest. I recently got Greenstone bars for the first time and they are just as good, if not slightly better, than the Sandoz. As long as I get one of these three I know I need not worry about those unpredictable panic attacks!!

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Z Says:
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Re: StreetScholarNSA (# 1)

I agree with everything you say but the dava 2mg are the worst I believe and I'm sure people who actually have sad or pad like I do would agree. That got a name of hulks out in the streets but I'd call them bunnies.

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I am 522 Says:

Re: Mason (# 6)

I have been on Xanax/alprazolam for many years (more than 20) for debilitating panic disorder. Some quacks tried prescribing me anti-psychotics and anti-depressants for it, rather than just giving me the Xanax/alprazolam that I know works and doesn't have the plethora of nasty side effects of the "crazy meds". What were they thinking? Those drugs aren't even meant to treat panic disorder unless the anxiety and panic attacks are a by-product of an underlying mental illness. I don't have mental issues other than panic disorder. I guess a drug's potential to cause dependence or (gasp) cause a buzz in some people is more important than a patient's health, as the anti-depressants/anti-psychotics/etc...... cause me to have panic attacks and can wreck your body, even being toxic.

I have had about every benzo on the American market and Xanax works best for my panic disorder, with no side effects. I have been prescribed 2mg alprazolam/Xanax 4 times daily for years, co administered with oxycodone ( in what most people would consider high dosages, but it does little more than take the edge off my pain, especially since the fake opioid "crisis" makes so many doctors afraid to prescribe opioids or severely under-medicate patients like me). I've been on this combo every day, several times per day for many years (decades) with no problems (including much higher doses of oxycodone and stronger opioids). In my experiences, the best generic alprazolam brands are (in order of best to "they ought to be ashamed of themselves") are 1). Greenstone, 2). Sandoz, 3). Mylan, 4). Sunn Pharma, 5). Actavis, 6). Qualitest, 7). Dava (I just got my alprazolam refill today and the pharmacy didn't have enough Greestone, so 86 of the 120 aplrazolam 2mg tablets were the Dava brand (green "bars" with imprint S 90 3 and scored into 3 sections rather than 4. They suck. I actually had to take 3 of them to get the effects of Greenstone brand (Greenstone is by far the best generic Xanax in my opinion, followed by Sandoz, which is pretty much as effective). Even Qualitest is better than Dava's weak and short acting alprazolam (short acting even for alprazolam, which is meant to come on strong and fast to break a panic attack, that's why it's a 4 times a day drug according to more than one doctor).

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Cheri Says:

Re: I am 522 (# 11)

Hi, I appreciate your response. I am not on opioids, but have been on xanax for 24 years. For a long time I have been on 4 mg per day, using only sandoz brand. Due to medicare I am having to switch pharmacies, sav on, carry greenstone, I have read so many conflicting reports, I am glad to see that you think the are the best. I'm getting panicky over switching I know generics are not the same from the heart med...I can only take sandoz for that, or weird heart beats...this is insane that generics are allowed to use up to 1000 different fillers (called the FDA)... so you think I will do okay with the switch to Greenstone 1 mg. Would truly appreciate an answer, they treat us so awful...I have true GAD, do not abuse...but it's been difficult. Thank you for your time. I take mine under my tongue to avoid kidney, and liver damage. Thank you!!!

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I am 522 Says:

Re: Cheri (# 12)

You'll probably like the Greenstones better. The alprazolam 2mg tablets I get are Greenstone and look like standard, white xanny bars with the imprint G3722 ( the G looks different than Sandoz G but the tablets are just as good or better). If you're getting the 1mg Sandoz blue footballs, they say GG258, right?

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Cheri Says:

Re: I am 522 (# 13)

Hi, thank you for getting back, yes they say gg258. They are so awful tasting, but under the tongue they kick in very quick, almost too fast...then mellow out, and do their job. I am really good with my meds, and my doctors have never bothered me really or put me down. I have had gad since a kid, our family doc started me on valium 2mg. Very young. Panic attacks did not start till I was older, as a baby I got trapped in a highchair, alone in the kitchen and watched the bread in the toaster catch on fire, moved to the cupboard, kitchen was on fire, with me yelling byer, mommy, byer...I know this is where it all started.

The panic started with a car we had that would just die, completely as i would be going 55, this happened about 4 times and that's when the attacks started. That was 24 years ago, and i must say the xanax really helped me in more ways than one. They still do, i do not get the calming effects anymore, but I can tell if I do not take them. I get sensory perception overload too, big stores, driving on freeways, Casinos... not going off of them anytime ever. I refuse to take any SSRI drug, I've never been depressed, just I'd say very tightly wound, or finely tuned! As my neat old doc use to say, they just bring you down a notch. So I read last night the greenstone brand is made at Pfizer's (sp) sight. With medicare, and this low amount drug plan Wellcare rx I found one SavOn that will keep my atenolol, 25mg2x per day in stock for me, I can only take the Sandoz version of this, all those creepy generics from India made my heartbeat real weird, like ranbaxy (now recalled)... people have died from these atenolol controls your heartbeat, and I have been on this for 40 something years...not gonna mess with my heart thanks.

So the brand of xanax is Greenstone and I guess I'm gonna make the switch. From what I've read they are as close to real xanax that are out there. I just wish it was the way it use to be, it's so sad corporate greed has basically ruined almost everything, not just not get me even started on dentistry. Was in the field for over 50 years...I have found a lone wolf dentist, will never go back to those corporate offices again. My 26 year old had pockets??? No way, I sent his xrays to a bud to concur with me, no pockets....they are causing pockets, pulling the periodontal membranes away from the teeth! So back to Greenstone, do they taste horrid too? I guess I'll have to find out. I told my now pharmacy I was going to have to leave, but I might be back...they fully understood. You've really gotta do your work these days, and spend lots of time on the phone, either speaking to the Philippines for pharmacy, or Caribbean for the bank...really strange times, and if you want something, you really have to take care of number one, no one else cares anymore. Have a very nice Christmas Season, thanks for getting back...sorry my message was sooooo long, lol.

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