Green Round Pill U23 Oxycodone 15

Toya Says:

Do you have a picture of this oxycodone 15mg?

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David Says:

Hi Toya,

I don't have an image to show you, but I can link you to the next best thing - A description of this specific pill from The US National Institute of Health at:

Just scroll down to the section titled "How Supplied" for a detailed description of how it should appear.

Also for added verification, the tablet in question carries a National Drug Code of 13107-056.

I hope this helps!

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Lisa Says:

The u23 15mg oxycodone hcl doesn't seem to be as effective as the other 15s I've had. They don't seem to be as strong. Are they generic?

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ML Says:

Hi hru I found a bill in my son room it around and green and say U23 pls help

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Barb Says:

I have a monthly rx of oxycodone, 15mg. The pill has always been green, with
markings: ' A ' on top, with number 214 below, on the same side. Today, my rx has green pills also, but with U23 on it. These pills give me a crashing headache. Do you know if they are the same pill from perhaps a different mfg. or are these a time release tab
or mixed with something else? I thank you for your help!

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Bj Says:

That pill is a oxycodone 15mg - a narcotic pain pill.

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Jon Says:

I heard of these new green u23 oxycodone pills that might contain naloxone to help abusers. Can someone explain this to me?

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SandiSilas1919 Says:

I don't think these do because everything I've seen about the new Oxycodone with Naloxone lists the medicine as Extended release not instant release. It also has different brand names than regular Oxycodone: Targin, Targiniq and Targinact. What does your pharmacy bottle say? Usually, in tiny print under the name of your med, it will say generic tablet for "Brand Name". I'm prescribed 15mg of Roxicodone but am given the generic Oxycodone. My label reads: "Oxycodone 15mg immediate release tablets". And underneath that much smaller it says: "Generic for Roxicodone".

So does your label say generic for any of those new drug names? I'm curious as well...

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Carola Says:

Rite Aid changed manufacturers AGAIN, but this time it was on my Oxycodone 15 mg. I was given ones that has a U23 on them. They don't work as well and also cause me to break out in a sweat, and get weak and shaky like I haven't eaten all day. It was torture. Of course with this medication comes a stigma where everyone thinks you're full of crap, and just trying to get more.

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Kmo Says:

I experienced the same withdrawal type symptoms you described with this pill. I've been on the 15mg pills for over a year now and I've never experienced this with any other brand except this one. The brand on my bottle is listed as Aurobindo. When I looked into this company I found its an Indian manufacturer and I looked at reviews to see if anyone else was experiencing what I was going through. Everything I find about this company is bogus, all reviews are 5 stars with no ingredients written and is posted by Indian people, so I get the feeling all the "reviews" are fake. You're not crazy, me and another person I know have experienced the same bulls*** with this pill - when you pick up your prescription be sure to check the label and if it's from this company ask the pharmacy if they have another brand and explain there's something about this pill (possibly an allergic reaction to inactive ingredients) that makes you ill. Good luck!

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Nohelp Says:

I have been experiencing the same exact effects in fact the pain is worse than before I'm itching sweating nightmares no muscles shaking tremors it's unbelievable I never noticed it until I came across one of my old ones I found what are they trying to do kill us

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Cindy Says:

I have never heard of or seen these round green 15 milligram oxycodone pills marked with U23. Are they any good?

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Picky Says:

It's a different manufacturer and they are garbage. Call your pharmacy and let them know that they are causing you difficulties. Ask them to order the A-214's in for you. I don't know if they will do it, but this U23 tablet has ruined December and January for me. I'm also going to file a complaint with the FDA. This medication needs to be pulled off the market.

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Phil Says:

Same thing with me, Rite Aid told me they changed their manufacturer. The u-23 roxicodone pill is garbage. I feel like I'm in full withdrawal mode. Cold sweats, very aggressive, moody. I'm going to call my doctor and surrender these pills and find a new pharmacy and manufacturer.

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Razz Says:

@ Barb it`s a 15 IR oxycodone..from a diff company called(Aurobindo pharma)...these Distributors change allllllll the time each get their turn,i guess!!..and no their not all the same not all Generics are the same!!..i found that out!..and don`t let anyone tell u diff!!..I prefer the Activist company,myself!,but sometimes u don`t have a choice,unless u hunt the ones down that work better for u!..i do it all the time!

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jbeasy Says:

Hi, what's up guys? I was also wondering about the u23. Also they are in fact to prevent abuse. They do have the same ingredients or at least one. Don't know how true the effect difference is, but 100 percent on the other. Thanks, no longer worrying.

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Kmo Says:

@jbeasy, I'm not trying to devalue your post but I feel it necessary to spread the facts. The u23 pill is NOT part of the "new formula" that prevents abuse which was previously mentioned in this thread. As far as I can tell from everything I have read, the counter active formula that deters abuse is only available in the EXTENDED release pills, not in the INSTANT release pill (which is what the u23 pill is). With that said, there is obviously a MAJOR difference between this pill and any other 15mg oxy. I say this from experience and asking several other people I know that have a prescription for it. I'm not sure if it's the inactive ingredients that make the u23 so horrible or maybe it's the inactive ingredients in conjunction with a smaller amount of active ingredient. The FDA allows a 20% sliding scale regarding active ingredients, so in theory it could legally have 20% less oxy in it than it should. Whatever the issue it's obvious that the u23 pill is without a doubt different from other formulas in a negative way. It's definitely not worth it and if you have access to any other version of the 15mg oxy you should use that instead.

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Picky Says:

Thank-you! It would be nice if people would do a little research before posting incorrect information.

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Slomo Says:

My blood pressure rises with 1of those. They seem a bit weak too but no other complaints

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Slomo Says:

I wonder if u 23 stands for medication meant for teenagers that's why it raises your blood pressure.

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Kmo Says:

I'm sorry Tina but your information is 100% incorrect. You're referring to Naloxone and the pills referenced in this thread DO NOT contain Naloxone, that's only in the extended release formula and here we are talking about the instant release formula. Also, Naloxone is nothing new, it's not a new chemical at all. Naloxone has been used to combat prescription pill abuse and opiate abuse for years. Things like suboxone contain naloxone to help control cravings and put the user into a state of immediate withdrawal if opiates are ingested. It adheres to pain receptors blocking opiates from penetrating the receptors so the user can't experience a high, instead they move straight to withdrawal which helps control abuse physically and psychologically over time.

Please don't post something like that unless you know what the hell you're talking about and you clearly don't. The majority of people asking for information on this site are lost enough already, they don't need your misinformation, so next time please don't bother.

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