Green Capsule P30

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this is a liquid filled capsule with no other markings excpet P30 (there is no space between the P and 30)

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Poche Says:

I'm not sure but I found the same pill in my medicine cabinet today. If you do find out, please email me at {edited for privacy}
Thanks a lot, and good luck!

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Roy Says:

Unfortunately this gel cap is not coming up on any of the standard imprint references. This means it is most likely an over-the-counter medication; OTCs are not regulated the way that prescription medications are such that their imprint codes are not required to be catalogued. There is a chance this medication may be from Walgreen's because a related discussion thread for a blue gel capsule P50 was identified as Wal-Som (Diphenhydramine 50 mg) from Walgreens. With that said, it has also been reported that the P30 gel cap was found inside a bottle of Advil Liqui Gels, so it may also be another store brand of Ibuprofen. Unfortunately there is no definite ID yet, just clues.

Can anybody else add information or insights to this?

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poptya Says:

P30 is also stamped on Nyquil gel caps

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des Says:

I can confirm that this dark green pill is indeed a generic Walgreen NyQuil in gel cap form. The liquid advils are similar in appearance, but they are a different color.

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minoguesque Says:

These could well be illicitly made 30mg Temazepam capsules originating in Pakistan. I have seen green GELCAPS of that appearance several times. But be warned, they contain nowhere even close to the advertised 30Mg, and are more like 10-15mg in strength! They are sold through many online IOPs.

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