Glucosamine Msm And Diacerein Result

Rennyakkara Says:

I am taking this tablet twice a day as prescribed by my physician for last two months for having faced Slip Disc at L3-L4 and a mild annular tear at L4-L5. I am told to continue with the same medicine along with pain killers for much more longer period. But I couldn't find any ease till now with this tablet. Is it effective only after a longer period?. Could someone advice me what to do as I am confused what to do due to this pain since last three years?!!!.

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narula Says:

Dr has advised me for knee replacement but i'm not ready for this. Taking one glucosamine, MSM and Diacerein tablet daily. With this tablet i have a vomiting tendency, headache, dizziness, and not feeling good the whole day. But my knee pain and swelling reduces. My question is.....for how long can i take this? Also, is there any other alternate medicine with no side effects? Thanx.

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Verwon Says:

It would be best to follow your doctor's instructions, Rennyakkara. Some medications do take awhile to reach their full level of effectiveness in the body to begin to work.

The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness and headache.

Narula, I'm sorry, but all medications carry the risk of causing side effects, it's just the nature of adding a chemical to the body to try to correct a problem. Have you consulted your doctor, again?

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