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jeremy Says:

I am prescribed the 2mg Actavis bupe/nalox tabs. the ones with a moon on one side and 154 on the other. i like these they kick in sooner feel a bit stronger than a 2mg suboxone tablet. also i prefer the taste.
What are other peoples expeience with the two generics. im especially curious about the new orange amneal tabs as ive heard mixed reviews. id like opinions on both

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David Says:


Although I don't have any personal experience with this drug, I thought it might be helpful to redirect you to a more active discussion thread on Suboxone, while you're waiting in the meantime...


Seems like at least some of the users in that thread have had personal experience taking the new generics.

I hope this helps!

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Sub girl Says:

Hi my advice on the omneal orange round tabs with AN 415 on them suck. They do not help like at all. And as for the new brand everyone is talking about that came out recently subzolv suck to. I totally go for the white ones with the half moon shape on one side 155 on the other.

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