Generic Percocet 10/325

Em Says:

10/325 generic percocet which is the best manufacturer for chronic pain

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David Says:

Hi Em,

Unfortunately because every brand/generic effects each person differently, the only honest way to go about finding out what works best, is to try out different manufacturers for yourself. That way you can also formulate your own valid opinion.

What I can tell you though from reading a lot of posts on this site, is that Actavis (Formerly known as Watson) has been receiving a massive amount of complaints lately regarding the quality and efficacy of their generic Percocet tablets. So that's probably one company you'd want to steer clear from based on their recent track record.

I hope this helps!

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Regina Says:

I am a 53 year old grandmother, full-time student earning my bachelors in psychology counseling, then on to earn my Masters in clinical psychology and will study, test and pass with high scores for my license and certificates to work in the following fields I am extremely passionate about, Mental Health, Family and Child Psychology, Addiction and Recovery, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, but my first and foremost certificate and license will be knowing all the therapies possible to help all with PTSD, from those who have it from childhood abuse to our earthly saviors, our veterans that suffer from combat PTSD. I wanted to share the aforementioned about myself, because I am not an addict, nor do I care to take medication of any kind. However, with all my diseases and illnesses, I could easily just get my disability, however, I wish to not just lead a happy and productive life, but one that can help others, I want to live to give. Actually, until I started on my generic percocet, my life was just filled with pain, suffering, anger, depression, but within one month of starting my cautious and careful pain management regiment my life began to change for the better, I actually begin to live again, started school, able to spend time and play with my grandson that just turned three. Looking forward to working I pray and hope at the VA in Salisbury one day soon. But, my life has started going back the way it was before starting my pain management, except for worse, a whole lot worse. The generic percocet 10-325 I now purchase, out of pocket, I have no insurance, is making me sick on my stomach, weird in my head, very lethargic, no pain relief, matter of fact, this medicine is killing my stomach so badly, I have just stopped taking it. It is horrible. As I posted earlier, I will be back tomorrow with a P.O. Box for the purpose of stopping these people who are getting rich, especially the pharmaceutical companies at the expense of human lives. I promise, once I get enough letters/complaints, they will go directly to a huge law firm that will file a legal suit for everyone to be compensated, paid restitution for their negligence, the added pain and suffering from this medication, that was to promote the opposite, health, well being, relieve us of our pain, not add to our pain and suffering. So, please keep your eyes out for my PO Box and let everyone you know that is like me, seriously suffering from this horrible, sickening, no pun intended, generic percocet 10-325 A333 from manufacture Actavis. I hope to also have the generic A-333 dissected and every single active to inactive ingredient and the percentage made public.

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hmills Says:

I thought it was just me but I am glad to have read your post

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no more magnesium stearate Says:

Endocet is a generic made by percocet for the people that don't process the other generics that use magnesuim stearate and less real medication.Their(the cheaper producers) theory is that the magnesuim stearate isn't absorbed as quickly,so they can save money.If it's not absorbed ,its not relieving pain and inflamation.Thyriod disorder was my result from too much magnesium stearate.It was in all four of my generic daily meds.Remember ,,,Endocet

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milkey Says:

Pill A 333 Also made me sick. And very little pain reilf. This is the one that opened my mind to the fact. Genericd Drugs. Are not the same

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Tara smith Says:

I was prescribed generic for Percocet oxycodone 5/325 about a year ago due to a car accident, surgeries & consistent chronic pain. About a month ago I picked up these "same" pills from Walgreens like I do every month and for some reason taking them this time starting making me feel extremely weird! Mainly my throats feels numb and tingly and really tightened. My eyes get a little red and before this has never happened to me. Keep in mind I've been on these same pills for a year and never had this strange reaction. I'm not taking or doing anything extra or different. I can't remember if Walgreens always gave me the pill with the imprint A349 on it? but I do know that Watson got bought out by that Actavis co. I'm wondering if I'm allergic to something they put in their "new" formula because something has changed and my body is telling me so. This just happened this week. Please if anyone has had this type of reaction with their throat tightening or feeling numb or tingly when taking this pill I would like to know. It doesn't feel like I can't breathe but it feels highly uncomfortable and not normal, plus does not help with the pain as it did last month. What is going on?

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Susie Q Says:

Re: Regina (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you. The 10 mg hydrocodone and oxycodone from Activis is horrible.

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