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Susie Says:

David was mentioning the binders/fillers that are used in the oxycodone. I believe that the binders/fillers are why I am having such a problem with any oxycodone manufactured by KVK Tech. I have gotten bladder infections (no history of this problem), head aches, no pain relief (Major issue, cause what is a pain pill for?), attitude issues that are unreal. I was taking oxycodone 30mg, then the 20mgs, and now I am on oxycodone 10mg for break through pain. I have had problems with all 3 of the oxycodone whenever they are KVK Tech.
Changed pharmacies repeatedly and have listed KVK Tech products as "I am allergic". This past week when I picked up my oxycodone 10mg, guess what, this independent pharmacy had nothing but the KVK Tech.

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David Says:

Hi Susie, How's everything going? I believe we spoke on here before (it's a small world Lol). I just read your post here and wanted to get back to you in regards to the issue people are having with certain binders/fillers. I wonder if you can have a compounding pharmacy reformulate these KVK Tech tablets with less inactive ingredients (to help increase it's overall efficacy)? I haven't seen anyone here mention that as an option, so I thought it might be worth looking into if the cost isn't too overwhelming.

I also noticed that many of the inactive ingredients used in pharmaceutical preparations are the same types of ingredients you might find in motor oil for your car's engine, anti-freeze, shampoo, and other strange products you wouldn't otherwise expect them to be in. It's almost like big pharma is trying to kill off the population slowly, by putting these not only useless, but often times, toxic ingredients into our medications. They probably figure if you take them frequently it'll be enough to reduce your life expectancy by who knows how many years. That's just my opinion based on the feedback I've seen from hundreds of patients. I truly hope you're able to find something else that maybe you can at least use as adjunctive therapy when KVK Tech oxycodone fails to deliver it's relief.

Do you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal?

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CO Susie Says:


Yes, I am now CO Susie, my more precise name LOL Heavens!, medical marijuana, yes Colorado, now we legalized recreational marijuana use. Step in the right direction. Previous doctor recommended that I try the medical marijuana, so I registered with the State (that worried me LOL), got my medical marijuana card and tried smoking. Notice tried, I was doing something wrong, coughing till I peed LOL, it ended up that oral was the way for me, so tried the brownies, butter and other products. That would relax me and make me able to sleep, which on really high pain days, it's very helpful.

Now with the recreational marijuana laws, I'm not sure exactly what they say. As people are opening stores (getting rich which is cool), I guess my winter grinding and baking will be OK without a current state card (I think the card requirement disappeared). I'm one of the people who think ALL drugs should be legal, including Methamphetamine, Coke and H. Not that I believe those drugs are good, I think the drug cartels and the street violence that comes from them being illegal, is much worse than the drug. Al Capone and prohibition comes to mind. Our "war on drugs" hasn't been successful and we waste billions a year pretending that it is. Not trying to put DEA and other drug agencies on unemployment, but their efforts should be directed to putting an end to the violent and personal property crimes. Legalize the drugs and the cartels are out of business, along with the local street dealers who are also responsible for lots of death and sad situations. Also free up some prison space, release the drug offenders and fill the prisons with the other violations. Little of the subject, wasn't I? LOL

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CO Susie Says:

David, continuing with my ramble LOL, a compounding pharmacy is a wonderful idea, but unfortunately I don't believe KVK Tech products can be salvaged. They have something in them that makes them as hard as concrete. I am not kidding, concrete, OK, maybe not concrete, but extremely hard LOL. I have a product my doctor prescribed that is made by Alpha Direct Compounding of AZ, it's a cream that is applied for pain relief. The cream is called Inflamax, and is an effective addition to my other pain relief measures. I have a small amount left, but haven't asked for a refill, I horde it, because my insurance will not cover it, not on the formulary LOL. Alpha Direct did the sliding scale thing for me, so I could afford it. I also use a TENS machine for pain relief, but have to be really careful with it. It helps with the arthritis, but can trigger the fibromyalgia. In fact, some days the little electric impulses are completely too much for the fibromyalgia, so the TENS can't be used at all. It is such a balancing act LOL.

I believe KVK Tech has developed an inferior product and are completely aware of that, but have some very good marketing people. Oh, side note, I did try contacting them through their website, the actual section that said "Contact Us". The answer I received from them stated that their website is restricted and I am not authorized to contact them LOL. No info was given on the "proper" means of contacting them. I printed it, cause people think I'm crazy when I tell them what happened. How can a public website designed to tell about their company, with a section that says "contact us", be restricted access only? I believe the KVK marketing people, knowing the complaints were flooding into the pharmacies, developed first, the famous price cut strategy to get the pharmacies to continue to carry their product. Another side note, lots of pharmacies are not passing the price savings along to customers, in fact many are actually raising the price on the customer, OMG! Second, as just the low price wasn't bringing all the pharmacies on board (some pharmacies actually care if their customers aren't pleased), KVK used the "drug abuse" saga. If you don't like their product than you must be a "druggie" who is wanting to feel high, as their product doesn't deliver much medication, you certainly can't feel high. Justify the use of the inferior buffer/filler or transmitter, whatever it actually is, by pointing the finger at the customer.

I don't know about the pharmaceutical companies deliberately poisoning us (kill too many of us and it will effect their profit margin LOL), but I believe that they don't care if a product does kill us. There's lots of money in the R&D, marketing, production, they'll put in on the market regardless of the effect on the public. Perhaps even telling themselves that next "go round", they'll make a new and improved version (like laundry soap) that's less harmful and perhaps actually does what's intended, like relieve pain.

You are right, it's unbelievable what companies will put in a product that is for human consumption. Some of the junk, I wouldn't want to put in my car, much less my body. Our food is wild with additives that no one has any idea what they do with continued consumption. I can understand the need to preserve packaged food, but!! Products like bacon, don't taste like bacon any longer, so full of chemicals, what happened to refrigeration to preserve meat?

Medication is even worse. Profit encourages the pharmaceutical companies to develop "new and improved" drugs, which there is no study available to show what the long term effects are. They can't, the drugs haven't been on the market long enough to conduct a reasonable study. Then the whole category of drugs that were developed for a particular use, turns out they weren't effective, Lyrica an example. If a drug isn't effective, heck, no big deal, just market it for a different use, which they keep doing with Lyrica. Sometimes after a drug is on the market, they find that it does help other conditions, in addition to what they had intended, which is different than the re-market strategy.

One of the reasons I prefer the "older" drugs, is because there has been time, to determine what happens to us with prolonged use. Yes the whole opiate family has some side effects but about all the listed side effects are things I feel I can live with and are part of the trade off. Opiates have been used for hundreds of years, so just about any side effect, is most likely known. I prefer aspirin to other pain relief and I wasn't wrong about that either. Aspirin has been around along time.

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David Says:

Hi Susie, I apologize for not noticing your replies sooner, but just wanted to thank you for taking the time to leave such thorough responses! I appreciate your knowledgable feedback and perspective on the pharmaceutical situation at large.

I'm actually based here in sunny Southern California, but I find Colorado to be very a beautiful state…and even more so since they legalized cannabis Lol! You have a lot of good points about the legalization of "all" drugs. I think it's already like that in the country of Portugal, and subsequently their crime rates went down and cities have certain programs in place helping people through their addictions rather than punishing them for it like in most other countries. Seems like a bold step in the right direction IMHO.

(Moving onto the next topic lol) You may very well be right about KVK Tech products being unsalvageable due to their inferior ingredients. In that regard, a compounding pharmacy may be better left for something with a slightly better quality profile to it. Although I'm not sure how they would even begin to siphon out or filter through the different molecules & binding agents that hold the tablet together just to be able to extract the drug itself without the fillers. It would probably take a special chemist to pull that off.

"Older" drugs as you mentioned are the way to go in my opinion as well, since they have a long enough history of working in a specific way; so that you can understand what it is you're putting in your body and already know before-hand how many millions of other individuals already reacted to it. In that sense, I feel that clinical trials are far too short compared to the actual length of time doctors tend to prescribe them for. Would anyone else agree?

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CO Susie Says:

WOW, been awhile. Hope you are doing great! I've been on site all day complaining. Blood clot, arms, cervical discs, you name it, I've been sounding like a 3 year old LOL Also have tried to help a few people with information, so I guess I'm not a complete loss today. One of the links "Doctors willing to prescribe pain medication" has a lady Marianne who posts there. She has developed a petition to address the needs of the chronic pain patients and information on the front porch link for contacting the white house. The petition is great and I've signed that, you may want to check it out. She posted the information again this week, but it is also in post #1523.
Sunny Southern CA. How nice. I used to live south of the Bay Area and have also lived north of there, but that's a whole different world than southern CA. I have a close friend who is working near Bakersfield this year, she moves lots with her company, she said it's so dry they have had to kill trees to conserve water, OMG.

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CO Susie Says:

David, I would be interested if any studies have been done on the countries that have legalized some of the "harder" drugs. Death rate, addiction rate, drug crime rate, you know, the whole picture. Is it Amsterdiam (sp?) that has the drug park, where the police go in and pick up the OD dead?

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Angel10 Says:
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I had too change Dr Myself put on these pink 10 for pain 1 every 6 hours Don't even. last 3 hours.What. I'm I too do Had Neck Sergery in Jan 7 2014 Didn't Take Have Brain Stem Det Have The Best Nero Dr That Moved From Florida I'm Blessed Very Blessed My Ls I Was Seeing For Many Years Ask Me Why Can't You Relocate Oh There's More She

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Torn Discs Says:
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I have been switched to the 20mg kvk poison pill since my insurance change (the new insurance wouldnt cover my 60mg oxycontin). I suffer from degeneration of the spinal column, all my discs are protruding? My L3/L4 disc has a tear in it as well.
I requested of my dr. a chance to try some of the other opiate pain meds (MScontin, and the fentayl patch) with no luck I ended up back on these crappy Kvk tech oxyIR. These pills SUCK! I cant wait to get back on good insurance!!! Being made to take these poison pills has ruined my life, I have lost 50% functionality and am now back to laying all day, which just makes it worse. I HATE YOU KVK TECH FOR RUINING MY LIFE!

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CO Susie Says:

Torn Discs,
I feel for you. KVK Tech oxy products almost destroyed my life and also a good friend of mine. I don't know which insurance you have, but unless your prescription specifically states that it has to be a KVK product, I think you can take your next prescription to a different pharmacy. I found a couple of independent pharmacies 70 miles from me that don't carry KVK Tech products. I'm not just upset with KVK, I am upset with Walgreens, Safeway, Kroger for selling a product that they have had numerous complaints about. I am also upset with the FDA for not doing their job. The filler (binder) prevents the medication from going to your CNS. It doesn't deliver it as it should. The three pharmacies I listed know this but because they got these pills so cheap, they keep forcing them on people.

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Nancy Says:
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Re: David (# 1)

I have to post this... When I was on the Hydrocodone 10 mg yellow pill I was getting sick which never happened on the white ones. I found out I am allergic to yellow dye #10. My doctor fired me and the pharmacist said no such thing. Bunch of BS.

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