Furosemide Or Ciplavasc5


I would like to know if I replace ciplavasc5 with furosemide40mg will it help me with the lowering of blood pressure, I am also on warfarin half dose of 5mg every alternate day, i have just recently been in hospital with a DVT and double pnemonuia i was vomiting up bloody pieces, i had bad pains in my lungs, struggled to breath was on oxygen, i have since been home and finding that my swelling of my legs with water retention is bad, i also was put on ridaqu 5mg one a day, plus i take half a disprin daily, surely this is to many blood pressure pills for the condition the blood clots in my leg have since gone, i still have pain in my veins thou, which a hard and sore but not enflamed or anything like that. PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE CAN REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. TO DAY

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Fredom Says:

Maybe you need to go back to the dogter and limit sugar and salt -
may you try to excises just go to gym it will help lots

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VerFree Says:

It is normal to be prescribed a large amount of different medications so near to having experienced a dangerous health issue that required hospitalization. Then, in the future, as your condition improves, you can slowly taper off of some of the medications to reduce the amount you are taking.

When I suffered full congestive heart failure, I was taking over 40 pills a day, when I was first released from the hospital, but as my blood pressure lowered, and the fluid in my body lessened, coupled with a healthy diet, and exercise, I was able to cut down gradually, with my doctor's approval. It did take awhile, and I had to be diligent, but now, I take two medications daily, one for blood pressure, and one for heart function.

Thus, it would be best to take the medications as directed by your doctor, for as long as they direct you to continue taking them.

The FDA warns that you may experience side effects, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, increased drowsiness, hypotension, increased urination, and dehydration.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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