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I am currently taking Opana ER 20mg 3xday. It is VERY costly &was wondering if anyone knew if the maker of this med gives low income people a discount or coupon??

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Simply Bohemian Says:

They currently do not have a program of that nature. Many, many people need such a program but generally you can't get help for pain management. I am on Opana IM & ER @ $1760.00 a month. Thank God for my insurance!

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Verwon Says:

Yes, getting assistance for these types of medications is very difficult. If you have no insurance at all, you can try:

and see if they have a program to help.

Have you tried asking your doctor for another alternative?

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Sue Says:

Visit and print a free discount drug card.
You will receive substantial discounts for you, your family and Pets.

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Teresa Says:

If you can not afford your pain medications the best to do is ask for methadone. It is great for pain, and is CHEAP!! I think I paid about $20.00 for 120 of them. It is not used just to get off stuff... However, you must drink fluids and take Senna-S for you bowels. Senna-S is about $7.00 a bottle and will really help you. You can take up to 8 a day, but about 5 every other day or so works for me. It is natural too!!! Good luck.

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info Says:

Check with Endo, who is the manufacturer of the product. They didn't use to have an assitance program for Opana, but now they do.

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not in pain anymore Says:

I recently had the same problem, I am prescribed Opana ER & Opana immediate release tablets. My wife just lost her job and along with it our insurance. I contacted Endo Pharmaceuticals and they are sending out a prescription drug assistance application today. You should contact them with your household information (i.e. number of dependents and annual income etc...) and they will let you know if you qualify. Thank god for this! Without assistance my prescription costs for Opana alone would run over $2000.00 per month! Good Luck.

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sheila shepard Says:

i take opana er10 mg and opana 5mg 3times a day pren i am unemployed o income i amouy of my medication going through with draw. I cannot afford this medication and i need iy terribnly

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PamH Says:

I am lucky and have insurance. But the Doc. Has a coupons card which is going to make your RX no more than $25.00a month for 6 months. Than he said he can give another after that .Please ask you Doc. Good Luck

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Dhanna Says:

do you have a phone or link for the opana drug assistance program 40 mg 3X daily way too spendy. would appreciate your help you have done the research.

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carol Says:

Hi,Go to Opana manufacture and they have a coupon you can use up to 300$ they pay 25 to 30 a month off your pripcription.Hope this help[s you!! Carol

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Julia Lock Says:

Dont know where you reside, but most people taking drugs like Opana are disabled or have a chronic pain issue. In PA, they have a program called Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities. Several states have the program as well. Go to the and look up MAWD Program. You need proof that you work and documentation from you doctor as to what your medical conditions are and how long they may be expected to last. Most types of health care providers are covered with small co-pay. Medications are $1-$3. You pay a monthly premium that depends on how much you make a month and is adjusted if your work hours decline.

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Charles Storrs Says:

I am disabled but have lost my sicial security benefits due to my wife's recent bout with cancer. Too much money (her social security insurance and my ssi) under one roof or something to that effect. I am racked with RA pain in hands and feet along with 5 herniated discs and scoliosis. I am out of work and out of money. If my doctor prescribes Opana is there a program for me out there. If not Opana; any ideas ? I live in south Florida and the DEA has effectively cut off all supplies of generic narcotic medication.

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Chronic Pain Patient Says:

Your doctor should have the 50% off copay(up to $25) cards at their office. If not, I think you can print or request one at the Endo or Opana websites. The one I have, was good for a year...max of 12 uses against a one month supply of Opana ER (any strength).
Good luck to you, and god bless!

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Chronic Pain Patient Says:

When I lost my insurance, my pain doc had me use Methadone... It cost $38 for #120 - 10mg tabs. Ask specialty pharmacies for cash discounts...they don't advertise them, but usually have them...also shop around, as the prices can be dramatically different! I didn't like the Methadone side effects, and was able to get Morphine ER , #90 - 100mg tabs for $54. These are cheap compared to the insane prices on the newer products, my Opana costs the insurance company$1421 for #90 - 40mg tabs! Good luck and god bless you!

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Rhonda Says:

Go to this site and register you will only pay $15

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Tammie Says:

for insured only, not cash pay

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bunky Says:

Do you know of a discount card for opana er 40mg the cheapest I found was like $800 I only get $658 monthly before I pay rent

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Larry Says:

That's what they told me, thru Endo it's a copay on insurance only, no insurance = SOL

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Hollywood kev Says:

I'm an unemployed disabled vet and am prescribed opana er 40 mg 2 times a day and the cost is making me almost homeless it's so expensive not to mention all the other meds from the pain Dr.

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Cheftom Says:

I take the same but 2x a day. Just what in for refill and was told it's $227.00. I make $612.00 a mouth on disability. How the hell I'm I suppose it pay for this.

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