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Tanner Says:

I've been on some type of pain meds. since I was 17 years old when I broke my lower back. I have been prescribed everything from Hydrocodone, Norco, Oxycodone, Lorcet, Roxicodone, Morphine, Duragesic patches, Demerol, Darvocet, Percocet, Marijuana & I have always Xanax or Valium for my life altering, extremely bad anxiety, deep depression & debilitating insomnia.

I have also had to have three surgeries & an additional surgery do to complications with the last surgery. I also need another surgery possibly two, due to problems that occurred. I'm looking for a free way to see a Dr. & to get subutex prescriptions free or as cheap as possible. I would prefer to do an out patient treatment program but, if I had to do an inpatient treatment program do to no other choice because of the lack of no other out patient treatments programs, clinics or Dr.'s. then I would. I have been on the methadone treatment programs twice, the first was for two years. The second time was for eight months & they did not work for me. I also did the suboxone for five months & was taking three films a day, once in the morning, at lunch, & one at bedtime & they kept the withdrawal s away but they gave me really bad headaches, so they didn't work for me. So I'm asking please help me!!! I'm in a very, very desperate situation

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Tanner! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problems that you're having.

The suggestion I have is to contact your nearby large hospitals. Most of them will have a social work department specifically to help someone like you. They can help you discover if you qualify for any type of coverage or assistance.

Learn more Subutex details here.

As to the Subutex, I'm not sure whether or not you'll be able to take it, it contains Buprenorphine, just like Suboxone, the missing ingredient is the Naloxone, so it would depend on which one caused your headaches.

Does anyone know of any assistance available in this area?

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Tanner Says:

I broke my back at the age of 17 & I've been taking pain medication since I was 17, I'm now 36. When I was 22 I was n a really bad car wreck & injured both of my knees. I have also have had four Hernia surgeries which have left me in a great deal pain & an enlarged testicle that is twice the size of the other one. I have been prescribed every type of pain medication from Hydrocodone to Norco' s & Oxytocin for the last 19 years. I've tried Methadone for sixteen months the first time & tried taking methadone for eleven months the second time. I have two friends that we're taking the same pain medications for about the same amount of time that have been taking my pain meds. My two friends moved to Las Vegas & hit rock bottom, that's when they found a free Subutex out patient treatment facility. One of my friends suffers from anxiety, as so do I, he is not only taking Subutex for his drug addiction but, he also is still being prescribed Alprazolam "Zanex" . I have been prescribed Xanax for debilitating anxiety & really bad bouts with depression.

Three days after I started taking Xanax I was a completely different person. My depression had all but, completely left my mind, body & sole. Now as for my anxiety, I went from having two or three attacks daily, to only having an attack once or twice a week. Since being on Xanax for more then thirteenth years, I only have an anxiety attack when I forget to take my Xanax for a day or two. So, my question is, I need a Subutex Dr. or a Subutex out patient clinic that will also prescribe me Xanax because, I will not go back to having an anxiety attack daily, or even twice a day. I also WILL NOT go back to being so depressed that all I think about is Suicide every minute of every hour of every day. If there is someone out there reading this & knows of a Subutex Dr. or a Subutex out patient clinic that is free or extremely cheap, & there's a way to get the prescriptions of Subutex free or extremely cheap, please send me an email as soon as you possibly can. I really need some help with this, and I just do not know where to begin. My email address is {edited for privacy}

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Tanner Says:

Does anyone know of a Dr. that I could go to be subscribe Subutex for my narcotic addiction & for Xanx for suffering My debilitating anxiety ??? I live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area .... If there is anyone who can help me, please e-mail or Text me at {edited for privacy}.... I have also lost my Insurance last month after having it for the last twelve years because, it went from $165.ok a month to $689.ok a month, so I'm needing a Dr. who will treat me for free or as little amount of money as possible..... Thanks so every much for listening to my problems......

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sid Says:

Here is my problem I just had my ffirst child November 14th 2013 and they have me three epidurals which after my nack began to hurt and my legs but I want to go to a subutex doctor I got married in may and even though im 17 would doctors put me on subutex. It really helps alot

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bfly Says:

I know one in Harriman that's really good plus Iike two others but they might not suboxone. I had to tell them suboxone makes my.depression worse and makes me agitated and moody and nauseous to get subutex at my clinic instead. Only problem is getting them filled over here so I just switched to a reputa me internet pharmacy where I just have to get my doc to scripts every visit so it'll be automatic from then on and then I won't have to go to multiple pharmacies anymore either. And when I tried to fill my type of meds at different pharmacies because only some carry the brand I need so they end up refusing to fill anything at all even tho I had filled it there before. Real pain in the a** which is why I'm moving everything to the internet.

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erin Says:

as much as i hate the office staff and their the reason im going with my zanex and cant go there anymore although theres a clinic in harriman tn that will give u zanex u just have to have it in ur system when you go and its called express healthcare (865) 882-9900

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Tanner Says:

My name is Tanner & I read your reply to my finding a Subutex Doctor or Clinic that is free or at least affordable. In your reply to my questions, you stated that you know of a Subutex Doctor or Clinic that is affordable. I would very much appreciate if you could give me the name or names of the Subutex Doctor's or Clinic's. You can leave me reply here on this web site or you can e-mail me at {edited for privacy} Thank You for your time & advice........

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Ashley Says:

If u find a place let me know plz {edited for privacy}. Tanner this is for u. I'm in same shape ur in and can not afford suboxone they wrote me subutex is much better and a whole lot cheaper from pharmacies. At my pharmacy suboxone for 16 is 140&subutex for 40 is 98 that's major diff u know. If anyone knows a Dr who writes suboxone let me know plz & tyia

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crazychris1977 Says:

if you are still having trouble i may be able to help

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Cris Lee Says:

This clinic will no longer write xanax. Ive been going there 6 months and this month he said his hands were tied and he had pushed it as long as long he could but had to switch me colonapin this month. Said it Had something to do with the state.

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shane Says:

Does anyone kno a clinic in knoxville tn. Thank,,

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Jared Says:

Hello, I was going to a suboxone doctor and they were writing me xanax as well. But a couple months ago they took me off the Xanax and put me on colanapins. Not only do they not work but I was paying around $1,000 a month to go. If you know of anywhere cheaper that could possibly help me? I would be most appreciated. Thank you

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Amanda Says:

For anyone that goes to express where is a pharmacy that will fill the prescription I'm having a hard time getting it filled

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hello kittens Says:

I need to know ana suboxone clinic that takes Medicare Part A and Part B In Knoxville tn

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Leigh2012 Says:

Wal-Mart has never given me an issue and that is where I go.

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megan Says:

hey i just saw on this website that you may know a subutex dr in tennessee, nashville or knox.? if you do hollar back at me please. id sure appreciate it. mine retired so im kinda screwed!!

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Bammmmm Says:

How do you actually get into a pain clinic without a referal in tn?

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brokeasajoke Says:

I've been a patient at Express in Harriman for over a year. They change doctors weekly and DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT WRITE FOR SUBUTEX OR XANAX AT ALL. IT COST A LOT OF MONEY OR U CAN PAY 150 WEEKLY OR 250 BIWEEKLY OR 375 MONTHLY. ALSO NO PHARMACY WITHIN A 75 MILE RADIUS OF HARRIMAN WILL FILL FOR THIS CLINIC. PHARMACISTS SAY THEY REFUSE TO FILL FOR EXPRESS AFTER IVE BEEN FILLING THERE FOR OVER A YEAR.......SUPPOSEDLY NEW LAW BUT IVE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND SUCH A LAW ANYWHERE. IM ALSO A LAW STUDENT still aways from graduation. If anyone knows anything to help me out it would be appreciated . I need subutex and this clinic only gives suboxone unless your pregnant which is DANGEROUS.......I'LL LEAVE THAT ALONE THOUGH......BUT EXPRESS TSKES MONEY N LEAVES YOU N A BIND WTH A VERY VERY XPENSiVE piece of pa per

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Sarah J Says:

I need help with getting subutex and xanax...

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flash Says:

i was thinking about doin the same...i go to express health and was curious if thats the same doctor u go to and if the web-based pharmacy worked..after having so much trouble with getting my prescriptions filled from there, im worried they wont fax them in and leave me 375.00 in the hole?

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