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susan Says:

I found a pill that is blue with the imprint of az 020 and a little round white pill with pd 555?

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barbara kane Says:

round pink pill with number 20 on one side and letter e703 on the other side

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barbara Says:

round pink pill with 20 on one side and the letter e and number 703 on the other

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nenene123 Says:

The pill that says AZ 020 is something called TAGAMET. Although it is a prescription antihistimine, it is typically used to treat or prevent stomach ulcers and/or reflux disease.

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nenene123 Says:

The pill that says pd 555 is Estrostep FE tablets. It is a birth control tablet. Need I say more?

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nenene123 Says:

The pill that says e 703 on it is a generic OXYCONTIN, 20mg. This is a time released oxycodone or Percocet pill. It is equivalent to 4 5mg percocets. Oxycontin is highly addictive, can cause sleepiness, euphoria, constipation and stomach upset. Be very careful as it becomes addictive quickly.

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Verwon Says:

That tablet IS NOT birth control, the birth control has nothing except 555 on it, no letters!

This is Metronidazole 500mgs, an antibiotic. IT IS NOT ANY TYPE OF BIRTH CONTROL WHATSOEVER!

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Verwon Says:

As to the E 703, no, Oxycontin is the namr brand, Oxycodone Controlled Release is the generic form and this IS NOT PERCOCET! Percocet also has ACETAMINOPHEN IN IT, this does not, this is straight Oxycodone Controlled Release 20mgs.

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Verwon Says:


So that information might not be accurate either if you are looking for a pill marked AZO.

APO 020 is Cimetidine 400mgs, the generic for Tagamet, which is an antihistamine used to block the release of stomach acid.

Here's an image to double check:

Pill Image

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