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Can you use fortesta 2 times a day? Such as morning and evening.

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It's been about 4 months since my last test. I can tell my level drops off significantly after 8 hrs. Another application and I feel much better.

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Of course you could split the dosage in 12hr shifts. The peak after dosing is the fourth hr w/second-fifth hr being the sweet spot. But, in doing so you lose the euphoria of the fourth hr peak which will now be half as much though twice a day.
In once a day dose you start feeling the effect at one hr on the rise to peak and that is replicated at 8-10hr on the way down to trough. By the twelfth hr you are back at the baseline from whench you came.
You would be allocating twice the time to apply in return for reducing the peak/trough absorption ratio.

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Hello, Jim! How are you?

You should only use it according to your doctor's prescribing instructions. Using too much could result in a hormone imbalance the other way and too high of a level can also cause many medical issues.

When was your testosterone level last checked?

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