Folitrax And Folvite 5mg

vani Says:

I am a patient of RA for the last 4 years and have been taking folitrax 10mg & folvite 5mg once a week. Are there any side effects (as I feel tired & get mild headaches)? I also put on a little bit of weight. Please suggest.

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santanu Says:

I have taken folvite-5mg in the evening and folitrax-10mg after dinner.What may be the side effect?

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prasanta Says:

My Dr. has prescribed folic acid with folitrex 7.5mg tablets. Is it required that patients take folic acid with folitrex 7.5 mg?

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Partha Chanda Says:

My wife has been suffering from R.A acutely for last 7 yrs. But, after having Folitrax 10mg, folvite feels ok. No deformation. Got rid off Hb% from 4.5 to 14 now.
How long should she continue this ?

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