Fluimucil 600 Mg

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- When should i take fluimucil 600 mg?
- How long should i take fluimucil 600 mg? (Or when should I stop taking fluimucil 600 mg?)
- What are the good and bad side effects?

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Roy Says:

Fluimucil is reported to contain the active ingredient Acetylcysteine.

If you would like to read more details about this drug, please refer to the following page:


This drug is used for as an agent to break down mucus, and to treat an overdose of Acetaminophen. Hope this helps!

Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do....

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Liv Says:

can fluimucil be taken for pregnant woman to increase the level of amniotic fluid? any side effects?

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gandi Says:

WHERE can I purchase fluimucil . As soluble powder?

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emgee Says:

as astmapatient what is the help of fluimucil?

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Chuck Says:

I have severe bronchitis and live in Thailand where a pharmacist has suggested I take Fluimucil A 600. I also have high blood pressure and am taking Coveresil.
Is it safe to take Fluimucil and for how long?


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William Manahan Says:

is it ok to take fluimucil effervescent together with sinecod forte(butamirate citrate)?

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Emm Says:

How will i know that im overdose of fluimucil?how many days can i take fluimucil?

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bong Says:

I have mucus n cough. My throat is ichy too. I take senecod forte as needed n fluimucil 2 x a day. Am i doing the right thing.

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Esther Says:

For two days, I drank 600 mg of Fluimucil, twice a day, in between 6 hours, thinking it's the 200 mg I'm using. Only noticed the grams this morning. I could feel I still have a lot of plegm still very hard to come out! What will happen to me when I overdozed?

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ely Says:

I am suffering from cough and sore throat I could not produce sounds when I talk

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Susan chan Lee Says:

My mom can not cough out her phelgm cause she is too weak to do it. What is the best medicine or thing to do? She can not swallow either, eat through her stomach. please help me.

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Stan Says:

Where can I find Fluimucil in the USA? I live in Chicago

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louiza Says:

hi!!!! i have a kid his age is 10yrs.old and his cough is so dry ,,and while he cough he has pain under his ribs,,can i take fluimucil for his cough ???reply asap;;plz

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thoy Says:

How many times can I take fluimicil in one day

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JJ Says:

When Should i take fluimucil 600 mg?
How many times a day should I be taking this med?

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edwhard Says:

i was prescribed by my internal med doc to drink fluimucil 600mg once a day. can this be taken with sinecod forte? this has nothing to do with having a high blood ..

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edwhard Says:

i was prescribed to take it before sleeping.. once a day for 5-7days. i think 600mg is the maximum dose. this is to be dissolved in water 1/4 glass .. important is if symptoms persist consult a doctor.

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Lise Says:

Can I take Fluimucil 600 mg if I have astma and kols?

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Victor Says:

I had been coughing on and off with phlegm at times. 14 years back I suffered very bad cough and had severe pain at both side of my ribs. Visited a Dr was told that I have acute brochitis. Recommended to do ct thorax and indicated that there was part of my linguilar lobe collapsed ? cause. Suspected that my brochitis earlier not treated well. Screened for tb and was not suggestive. On and off I will be well until I have bad flu and it takes a very long time to recover. recently I had flu with phlegm past 2 months was advised to take fluimucil 600 mg. I continue my brochial asthma

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Nazwir J. Says:

My experience, my Internal Med Nefrologist, prescribed flumuicil 600 effervescent tab twice a day almost for 10 days, my creatinin @ that time was 1,8 (normaly for men 0,9 - 1,3), its was used as potent anti oxidant, and it's work well. Tab effervescent. Although big enough, is not to swallow it directly, but put in a glass of drinking water and then drink it with pleasant taste.

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