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rk Says:

Can someone please tell me a doctor in the area who will treat my chronic pain? i do not have insurance and can no longer work due to my physical problems, my pain dr is too expensive and to far away. I am trying to find someone close who may possibly give me refills on my norco until i get disability and insurance. PLEASE HELP

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Verwon Says:

Hi, rk! I understand your dilemma due to the distance and expense, but I have to be honest and say that for now, you're likely better off staying with the doctor you already have.

Due to the fact that not having insurance makes it harder to track someone, most pain management specialists will not treat an uninsured person and many pharmacies will not fill such prescriptions for them. There is too big of chance that there person could be doctor and pharmacy hopping to try to game the system.

Learn more Norco details here.

If you currently have a doctor willing to give you a prescription and a pharmacy that fills them, then your best bet is to stay there, until you get insurance and switch then.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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rk Says:

Yes now another problem... I cant understand WHY THIS IS HAPPENING, its like a curse or something, dea is EVIL..now my pharmacy who has had NO PROBLEM FILLING MY PReScriptions for 6 months or longer, all the sudden tell me my dr is TOO FAR AWAY LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL my dr is in the SAME COUNTY as the pharmacy i thought that was the big deal that they HAVE TO BE IN THE SAME COUNTY now they are counting a certain miles away it needs to be? SICKENING ABSOLUTELY SICKENING! i do not have a car anymore and have NOBODY TO HELP ME go pharmacy to pharmacy til i find one who will fill my prescriptions! it is absolutely SICKENING! ia m at my witts end. it is HELL just to find a ride and be able to pay this dr every 28 days and now this BS..my prescription is a SCHEDULE 3!!! NOT A 2!!! it is unbelievable.

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Colorado to Florida Says:

Yes all are having this problem in Fl. It sounds lil you be been dealing with Walgreens they have a policy about filling C11 etc. One part of that policy is they will only fill for you 6 months your or the drs address has to be within so many miles of your home address. Thus if you got turned away from one Walgreens its I their records now so you LL be wasting Tim with them. They have a sign that states its. Up to them if they will fill it or not. Dont get discouraged. It is going to be hard to reestablish with a pharmacist but basicly that s what you re going to have to do. Walgreens is awful anyway. I got 120 placebo tablets A334 percocet 10/325....my stomach is still trying to heal....

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Colorado to Florida Says:

I meant a333 do not accept actavis percocet 10/325 from Walgreens I believe Cvs is,now carrying them

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Peanut Says:

Does anyone know a dr. that will prescrbe meds for percocet and xanax. Im 62 n have cancer with bone n joint deteriation. My husband n I are moving to Cape Coral in January.

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