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PK Says:

Hi. I take Fioricet w codeine approx once a day to relieve major headaches. It is the ONLY thing that helps. Walgreens just told me it is being discontinued and I am a bit panicked as it is a life changer for me. Regular Fioricet doesn't really help. Any suggestions on what I can try? Next visit with my Neurologist may ask him to get each ingredient separately if I have too. Thanks!

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David Says:


Were you ever able to find out why that particular product was being discontinued?

I know that you mentioned possibly going the route of getting each ingredient separately from your neurologist, but, if it was discontinued for a good reason (which it probably was), then I would definitely encourage you to try and find out why, before even considering taking it again; at least for your own safety.

In my opinion, some other great options for battling headaches are Essential Oils. Peppermint, lavender, and wintergreen, are popular choices for headaches among many others. You might want to give one of these a try if you're open to natural alternatives.

Hope this helps!

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My Experience Says:

It wasnt being discontinued FDA had a problem with the Tylenol mg amount. They just changed the formula compound component of the Tylenol from 325mg to 300mg. Which changed them to a schedule III drug. The change went into effect January 2014. Your Dr can tell you about the change if he was notified if not, the pharmacy should have told you. Pharmacies and Dr's recieved the email from the FDA in 2013. I had the same problem in January 2014 when I brought my rx to my pharmacy and they told me they took all their codeine products off the shelf but when I called my Dr he told me what happened so he had to re-write the rx for the corrected mgs and it was just about the Tylenol mgs bc they want to make it safer for your liver. When I brought rx back to pharmacy I had no problems. I hope you have sorted that out by now. I am just reading your post. Hope all is well.

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PK Says:

Thank you, this is what happened. I appreciate your reply as I finally found
out from you what was going.on!

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Sally Says:

Take firocet and get a script for codine too. That usually does it for me. All you are getting is the firocet eith codine added to it .

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k2 Says:

Fioricet has tylenol, each pill has at least 300mg. Good luck finding Codeine alone - you may have to take Tylenol w/codeine and fioricet together - if u take one of each pill your liver s/b safe.

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k2 Says:

Ice packs help me a TON...I use the ones that go in the coolers (for me, they stay icy longer). I must wrap it in a towl else it's TOO cold. Might want to let thaw a tiny bit .Bonus: CHEAP and re-usable. BONUS!!!

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Heather Says:

I suffer from Migraines and have even tried botox injected in my head and back of my neck and no go. Didn't work..grr..I continue to take fiorcet with codeine however if I can get the vomiting to stop, I could hold down this med and get rid of it but once migraine hits me there is no help but heating pad and ice packs and sleeping it off till the vomiting stops which take about 18 hours and then I try with meds. Nausea meds are so hard to take cause they come up. Can a doc prescribe Phenergan shots to stop the vomiting so I can get relief to hold down a pill? I asked but he avoids the questions and continues with syrup of all kinds and I can keep that down. Suggestions?

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