Finding A Doctor That Prescribes Subutex In New Hampshire

Maureen Says:

I've been in two different suboxone clinics that I couldn't afford to keep going to because I had to pay to go to the groups every time I went to get a prescription. I no longer have transportation. I have Medicaid and Medicare. I'm also mentally and emotionally handicapped and I'm on disability. I have no one to help me do this. I cannot take suboxone because the naloxone gives me migraines! I need a doctor in the Sullivan County area that can prescribe subutex asap. Can somebody plz help me find one?

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Croatian Chad Says:

Yes I can find a private psychiatrist who owns his own little clinic, explain the headaches as I did and cost. Subutex feels so much cleaner and warm plus with an RX coupon I paid 43.60 for 90 8mg small white ones. I'm struggling though, it isn't helping with cravings. I almost feel because of how deep my addiction was I need methadone. Any experience?

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Nick Says:

I am looking for a doctor that will prescribe me subutex in nh? I am down near keene but will drive i am on suboxone but would like to switch because i get horrible headaches. Any suggestions?

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