Find Physician Willing To Prescribe Hydrocodone In Montgomery Alabama Area
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Elaine 2014 Says:

I posted earlier my difficulty in finding a physician that will write Lortab/Norco and that especially since I do not have insurance I can not afford to pay $100 just to be told they wont write any narcotic.I have all necessary documentation for my legitimate need for medication, I used to take 120 30 mg roxicette monthly so i am definitely not trying to obtain a ridiculous amount of meds, just need some relief, I cant afford to miss work because I'm hurting too much to get out of bed nor do I want to buy them off the street which we all know is possible. I just want to be written a realistic amount of medication by a physician that actually cares about his patient and not forcing me to take painful IV's so they can charge more. (I've already had one Dr. hit my sciatic nerve while administering a cortisone inj. At any rate I probably should say the area that I live in, I need one in the Montgomery, Prattville area, I'd be willing to drive for 30 minutes to just please find a Dr.

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BL Says:

It is up to each dr what they prescribe their patients. Just because a previous dr prescribed you a particular med and/or in a particular dosage and/or amount does not mean that another dr will. Asking a dr to prescribe a particular med is not a good idea. Even if you have to have your medical records that is no guarantee that another dr will prescribe the same thing.

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anxietykillnme Says:

Me too... Let me know if you do

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babycakes Says:

I'm trying to find one myself for my Zoloft and xanax. Any sggestions

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