Find Doctors Who Will Prescribe Me 30mg Oxycodone For My Back Pain Near 21227


I have really bad back pain and I live near Baltimore. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe me 30mg oxycodone. I would need 3 a day 1 every 8 hours that's about 90 a month. I have insurance or would pay cash if I need to. thank you

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I have hepatitis c. I hurt from my neck all the way down to my knees my back hurts so bad I sit up on the side of me bed to sleep for maybe 3 hours or less because I have to get up and down all night my abdominal shirts me my muscle and joints and my liver area hurts I shark all the time I'm depressed all the time. I hurt all over all the time sometimes I feel like I'm die and my just 35yrs old and can't get no help anywhete

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I also recently relocated from N.Y. to Baltimore and can't resume my pain meds, it's ridiculous for people that need medication and can't get it while drug addicts get whatever they want while being treated to get off drugs, I'm about to try H just so I can get the help I need!!!, they say narcotics will be obsolete, treatment is the key, and I agree but while they continue to swipe my insurance card and deny medication, what do I do?? I have a massive blood clot and chronic back pain, I feel so much pain at times that I want to just be hospitalized until I am well, hence pain management, well the government has to get off the pot and start realizing this huge problem!!!, I'm also looking for a Doctor in my area. If anyone has a clue where I can find a Doctor who took an oath to help their patients and will prescribe 30mg Oxycodone while treating the medical issues, please let me know......

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in Albuquerque. nm cnt find a doctor who will giv me wha i need for pain, been on these pain meds for years, help in Albuquerque

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Hi my name is Michael also and I live in baltimore and it is really hard to find a doctor that will prescribe them. It's crazy they got me hooked on them and them say I am a addicted and I can't get them anymore. If they would just give me something for my pain I could work everyday but my pain is so bad I can't even work anymore.

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Im 45 and I move down to Virginia Beach, I have spinal stenosis and I've had very bad back pain for the longest I cannot find a doctor that will prescribe me the correct medicine.. all my time in New Jersey I've never had this problem my pain levels are so high that I keep my blood pressure is extremely high if anyone can help me please the pain is truly great

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Hi Tina, I don't know if you've gotten help or not. Hep c can be SO SO painful. My husband got it. Sadly so many people associate this virus with drug abuse. IV DRUGS to be specific. But 50% of the peeps especially the non drug abusers have no idea how they got it! There have been several cases of people getting it thru standard practice, there is a case where several thousand people got it thru colonoscopies!!! The diagnostic they do when looking for colon cancer. Turns out the equipment was not only being reused, but was not properly sanitized! Also just a fun simple tattoo is another way. Of course blood transfusion. I think eventually they will find that there cases, rare, but cases thru dental work. Not from the dentist, but from the tools being reused. Just because they go thru the autoclave to be sanitized, doesn't always mean the autoclave worked correctly. I mean they don't the autoclave often to make sure it reaches the correct temp.

Anyway my point is this, it doesn't matter HOW you got it, you should be treated with respect. Tina, my husband was put on methadone for pain control, not for drug abuse. That medicine gave him back his life!!! He had never taken it before. Before taking this drug he was immobilized with horrible chronic pain. Also was diagnosed with RA ( rheumatoid arthritis) according to his dr the RA was caused by the hep c. He takes 20-30mgs 2-3 Times a day of methadone. He is now able to work hard play hard have enjoy his life again. You may also have something called PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, caused, by another secondary illness directly related to hep c it called CRYOGLOBULINEMIA. THIS causes horrible horrible pain in your feet/ hands arms legs. So painful. The methadone he takes also treats that. Cruise is caused by hep c. It can do SEVER damage to your kidneys. It is SO important that you DON'T drink alcohol AT ALL with hep c and a avoid Tylenol. Pain medications without Tylenol, and used correctly without IV'ing them or insufflating them, do not by yourselves do damage to your already compromised liver.

But you can not abuse them. I'm telling you about methadone, because if you can't find anyone to prescribe pain medication for you, please consider going to a methadone clinic where they will give it to you, and monitor your health. Truly it gave my husband back his life and gave me back my husband. He is no w trying the new hep c treatment. He tried it in 1997,and cleared the virus for about 8 months, then he started feeling crummy again, did more blood work, and Damn! It was back.
Back then it was common to do 8-22 months of interferon and ribovarin treatment together. Made him sicker than the hep c ever did. Have you done/tried treatment yet? You are young my husband is almost 70, and was diagnosed in 1994 or 97, I can't remember. We're both old. Lol Anyway can't suggest this medicine rebuff Tina. I used it after I shattered my femur. The medicine prescribed for me just wasn't working. I couldnt sleep, I hurt so much, finally begged my Dr to let me try the methadone. All the diff in the world. IF you ARE an ADDICT, and r needing to be on pain meds, remember this, your pain has to be greater than your addiction.

Or . It could be a rough road. SO, if you've not tried mathadone or can't get pain medication to treat your pain go to a methadone clinic. Do NOT tell them, your coming there for pain. Never! Tho t hey understand that, they will not treat you for that, they just can't. If u take benzodiazepines, u may have to those before a clinic or dr, will prescribe medicine. I've learned all t his by going to hep c support groups with my hubby. We knew nothing about it. At the time m e, the drs really didn't either. Find a HEP C support group, in person or on line, but I suggest in person.. This is not a disease to be ashamed of.
You will have to make up a story about being an addict, so that t :(st will give it to you. But it could give you back your life.

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I have arthritis in my lower lumbar spine I need to find a pain dr in las Vegas Nevada 89107 who willingly to treat me and write me oxycodone prescriptions near Charleston and rainbow do they accept Medicaid please help

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Hi. My name is Carrie. You have to hang in there. You have to call your insurance and find out. Start with PM. I am on Oxycodone 30 mg 5 x a day. I couldn't live without the pain meds. I would go into the ER if I couldn't get them. Stay strong and keep looking for help.

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Anyone that lives with chronic pain can't live without meds. I take Oxycodone but it doesn't seem to work. It is supposed to work for 5 hours and really only 2 hours. What do I do? I don't know what else to try. I am on Oxycodone 30 mg 5 x a day. What is better?

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Where are you located? I am in baltimore you wouldnt happen to know a Doctor in Baltimore that isnt hard to get them from?

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Hi Carrie my husband just lost his doctor and here in ky they will ask what you need to see a doctor for and as soon as you say pain management they either are not accepting new patients or we can't get you in for 8 months .. Seriously called this morning and they said they couldn't get him in till December.. Can you help a hardworking man out?

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Anyone know of a doctor in TN that is a good pain doctor without pill counts and $800 drug panels? I can't possibly take off work for pill counts.

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Hi Ed I live near Baltimore and I need a doctor that will help me out if you could give me the name of the doctor I sure would appreciate it

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Hi Ed I live near Baltimore and I need to find a doctor that will help me out? I been on meds for a long time

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I live next to Dale Hollow Lake, one mile from Tenn. Line. I can't find a Dr unless I go to Louisville. Or Lexington to write anything to help me. I have been in 2 bad carwrecks and one almost cut me in half and broke mr leg and ankle-it eas really bad. But, can anyone tell me where a Dr is around here close that will actually wrire something to help? Thanks for all the people reading this.

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Need your help finding a good pharmacy near frederick maryland

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This is in response to an old post, but there was a PM/Neurologist/wJohn Hopkins and his own practice in is Dr. Nymman. They may have tried to come find fault with some of his prescribing quantities??? He did'nt re.turn my calls when he found out I was having liver problems. I had to hospitalized for Lyme, Liver malfunction, and withdrawl
But, he may help you. I was refered to him from a famous Dr. Horwitz that was convicted of over prescribing- so the Doctor's are terrified of the CDC new guidelines and watchdogs. Meanwhile, honest people suffer.
Might as well go to the veterinary Doc's.. Just joking, actually, some are finding other ways to kill the pain and function normally.
Good Luck!

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Does anybody have a doctor in the Yonkers or New York Queens area (I will travel) that still writes out 30 mg oxycodone? My doctor just died and I'm in serious pain and very scared of withdrawals. If anybody can help please let me know. thank you

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