Find A Private Doctor Who Can Prescribe Methadone

Shannon Says:

I am currently on methadone, have been for about 7 years, I go to a clinic and I do get 13 takehomes, but I am wanting to find a private doctor that I can go to, how do I find one and how do I change. Thank you for time..

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methadoneman Says:

i am prescribed methadone 150mgs per day for severe pain from a motocross accident, not 2 be the one 2 give you bad news but my doctor has told me countless times that almost noooo doctors are willing to prescribe methadone, die be surprised if you found a doctor willing 2 do it

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Verwon Says:

Actually, if it's for addiction treatment, a regular doctor is not allowed to prescribe it for that. They can only prescribe it for pain, due to federal laws. If you require addiction treatment, or maintenance dosing, then you have to go to one of the clinics where people have been specially trained to treat you.

I'm sorry, but this is the way it works all over the U.S. and it is the same with Suboxone, only those that are specially trained to treat addiction can treat with it.

Is there anything else I can help with?

For anyone curious, there are more Methadone details here and Suboxone details here.

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Shannon Says:

I go to the methadone clinic two times a month, I have takehomes, and been clean from all other drugs for about 7 years now, I just wish there was a private doctor i could see every month instead of having to go to the clinic every other week, but I guess every two weeks is better than having to go dose everyday. Thanks for the info.

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Gary Says:

Precisely. My pain doctor explained this to me when it was suggested for my widespread neuropathy--since 1996, it has been available for the treatment of severe pain, but not for people in methadone maintenance programs. I still refused it.

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Chris1 Says:

Gary, you are very smart and have saved yourself a tremendous amount of grief. It is a misnomer that methadone kills or reduces pain unless you take enough to knock you out, and then try getting off of the horrendous detox aspects. Worse than H...

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Guy Says:

I just moved back to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The doctor I was seeing before I moved no longer prescribes methadone. I have 9 years of medical history and prescription. I want a internal medicine doctor that would prescribe methadone, NOT a clinic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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Kay Says:

I have been on methadone for over 20yrs, but due to Government Legislation & that no-one now in England can have a maintenance script, its about reduction & coming off methadone which iam not happy with myself. Iam therefor looking for a private doctor who I can visit monthly & have a maintenance script which I will happily pay for from my own money. Can anyone recommend a Doctor who will do this? I live in Kent, England & iam willing to travel to London if needed.

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Leslie Says:

Go to a pain clinic. People get methadone all the time for pain at pain clinics. My husband gets methadone from a pain clinic right now. But they will not give you large doses. You will only get 40 to 60 mils. If your on a methadone clinic you will get a monthly pick up after 2 years with clean UA's.

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Kay Says:

Can i ask where in the Country do you live???

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Kelley Says:

Plz we are trying to find a private methadone dr for chronic pain. Where do u go?

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Rocky10 Says:

I'm looking for a private doctor to prescribe me my methadone back. I've been on methadone for 17 years. My doctor got his license suspended and revoked so he cannot write narcotics anymore. I've been looking for a private doctor for 7 months here in Michigan. Does anyone know where I could find a pain specialist or even a private doctor to write the methadone. I have a pinched nerve and crushed disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Postal canary Says:

Though methadone is in fact used for addiction, that is not what it was created for. Methadone was created by Germany in 1937. It was created for pain treatment for the soldiers, they needed a reliable source of pain meds and couldn't count on morphine always being available. It was picked up by ELI LILLY in the late 1940s. It wasn't until our vietnam vets started coming home from the war. Addicted to opium. It was good for some addicts and not for others. It kind of dropped out of sight as a pain killer until the late 1990s, when the intractable pain laws were passed. Meaning chronic pain for no know reason. Pretty soon it was being prescribed like crazy! For me it was THE BEST medication for the painful neuropathy I had developed. I didn't need to take break thru pain meds with methadone. It didn't make me feel sick either. Some people think that when opiate addicts go on methadone they r just switching one drug for another. They are. But... With methadone it takes care of the withdrawals. So they are not constantly looking for more. It can get them to where they can turn up and focus on a job, because they aren't trying to score dope. It is less by acting. That's why most clinics only dose u once a day. The hope is that they will slowly get off of the methadone too. Some do and do great. Some try and struggle. Go back out into the drug world. Methadone does serve a purpose.

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