Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone In Dallas Ft Worth Area

Ryan Says:

I need a dr in the dallas/ ft worth area that will prescribe methadone I tried Suboxone for 5 years no luck. Methadone has worked but I'm working as a CPA for a firm and the clinics are so difficult these days. Any help would be appreciative. Also if you didnt get it was for opiate treatment.

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Verwon Says:

HI, Ryan! Sorry about the problems that you're having.

However, a general practitioner isn't allowed to prescribe Methadone for addiction. Under the current laws, it can only be administered for that in a clinical setting by those that are specially trained in its use for such.

Learn more Methadone details here.

I wish I had better news for you, but the laws leave no leeway for this.

Why didn't the Suboxone work for you?

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Ryan Says:

There has to be a dr or better "clinical"
Experience than the methadone clinics I've Seen and been too.

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MLC Says:

Dr Larry Burrows in FW TX will prescribe methadone for pain.

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Jeff Campbell Says:

Do what you are suppose to at a methadone clinic,, don't mention you are in pain,,tell them you are a raging addict,, they cant treat pain at a methadone clinic and a regular doctor cant treat an addict.

Go line up everyday and do what you are supposed to and you will have your take home methadone in no time,, stay off the illicit drugs, clean urnes and do your groups. You will be fine.

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Goingtoclinic5yearsclean Says:

Yes, I do thi and have had all my takes homes for long time. I have had clean ua's for years. The max take homes you can get is 1 week. ALSO, not only is the price already so high, but they just raised it a dollar. 11 bucks a day. I guess that because at one time in my life years ago I was an addict so I do not deserve to pay a reasonable price for medication.

Also, I have tried suboxone. However, it is supposed to be precursed by the use of a drug called subetex so that the withdrawal is not so bad, but in the USA, our doctors do not prescrivbe it. Therefor, I believe Suboxone cannot be taken properly. I felt so awful for weeks, and I couldnt take it. Again, I really want to se advocacty for this treatment to be easier to deal with. I should be treated just as anyone else and their medication at this point! A week of take homes at 11 a day is the best I will ever get. Its awful.

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Anne Says:

hello I am currently addicted too a drug I live in ftwortth area I'm really hoping someone can referall me a methadone clinic il stand in line doesn't matter I'm so tired of living this life....

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Amy Says:

I'm looking for a doctor in fort worth to get my methadone I was getting it from a doctor in dodge city Kansas and he couldn't refer me to a doctor here so I'm on my own so is there anyone that can help me find a doctor please thank you .

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Luis Says:

Hello Anne tc merf is a good methadone clinic n it's free for the 1st three months good luck

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Rusty Says:

Good advice go Ryan! These people are stronger than they themselves realize. I've just now had time to read more and more of these stories! They are all relative, they have one thing for sure in common, if they are able to sit still long enough to post these situations, then they are trying to get clean! They all need that person to get them over the hump. Not trying to make recovery sound like a walk in the park I know it is not, but this network thing is got to be helping!

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Han Solo Says:

Does he treat and prescribe for back pain management?

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Evile Says:

I was looking for a referral or info on a Dr. In dfw area that will prescribe me Suboxone for withdrawals.

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fabian Says:

Pain management
All Care Medical Clinics
6805 NE Loop 820 Ste. 414
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: 817-581-7246

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Little T Says:

They give free methadone at medmark in Fort Worth for years it's free plus you can get week take homes even though it's free it takes a couple months to get the take homes

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Buck Shot Says:

Suboxone rarely works at all. Get Real!! It is an opiate with limited pain center blockage.

It will do nothing for pain.

And very little for addiction.
Just quit for 4 days. From there you will see improvement each day. In a few weeks, you'll be off the meds and back in pain.


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Mike G DFW Says:

One stop for all your needs!!

Noor Gajraj MD
3108 Midway Rd #206, Plano, TX 75093

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LovelyLolaE2 Says:

Do they give Methadone pills for Chronic Pain and take TX Molina? Thanks, Lola

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