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bellasbaby Says:

Does anyone know of a doctor that prescribes xanax in florence,sc? I take the 0.5 and my doctor moved to Ohio!! Any help would be very much appreciated!!

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Mike Says:

I am currently looking for a doctor that prescribes and acts in Marietta Georgia or Richmond Kentucky....with this said the reason I'm asking is because I have panic attacks, I can't be in large crowds of people, sleep disorders, unmanageable amount of stress, depression, anxiety and not to mention, shaking all of the time!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, both of you will need to see a specialist, if you require such a medication on a long-term ongoing basis.

Do either of you have a PCP that may be able to refer you to someone?

Can anyone recommend good doctors in these areas?

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

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Mj Says:

Hey...did u ever find a doc to prescribe u Xanax in Florence sc? I just moved here from wi and now am having great problems finding a doc to prescribe me it back... cell is {edited for privacy}. just one doc name is all I need. Thank u.

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Kathy Says:

Did u ever ever find any drs in Florence who prescrsibe xanax

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Hello bellababby,

In reference to your request "does anyone know of a MD who will prescribe Xanax, (alprazolam) in the Florence SC area? I know this is a old thread, your request was in the late summer of 2014? One of the best Psychiatrist, I'd rank him as a tie for the no. 1 shrink I have ever had since I was a teenager, many years ago. This is a wild card suggestion, as this Psychiatrist, Dr. Ed Holscher, formerly of Charlotte NC, where he practiced medicine for 20+ years, he used to prescribe me Xanax 1 mg, from 1992 until December of 1998, when he moved to either, Georgetown SC, or, Conway, SC. I do know that, about five 1/2 years ago, he was practicing medicine, at a clinic, I think it was in Conway SC. about a 50 miles drive from Florence SC. (one way). He referred me to my present Psychiatrist, the 1st month he left Charlotte NC, whom I am still with, for now the 17th year. Dr. Holscher, I am guessing may be about 70 years old now, as, my own replacement M.D is age 71. Dr. Edward C Holscher, would be worth the drive round trip, if he has not already retired! I am not a Dr or a practicing Psychologist, but, I have a neurological condition, + panic disorder with agoraphobia, all of my life. In the here and now, IMHO, most M.D's especially non psychiatrist, in my experience, will not keep a patient, long term on any benzodiazepines, past a maximum of about 4 months, on a daily basis, since the end of the 1980's/early 1990's. The younger M.D's in my experience from Arizona, to North Carolina, often if you see a PCP (primary care physician) might write you a prescription for 30 or 50 tabs of .5 mg of alprazolam take up to 3 per day, but, when you come back for a refill, my extensive experience, is that they will refer you out to a talking psychotherapist, and/or a Psychiatrist, who, manages, controlled substances, like the C-IV benzo's if, after the initial 50 minute intake, goes well, he will titrate, a minimum dose, to see if that will work for you. I started out of .5 mg take one if needed every 4 to 5 hrs, for my 2nd Diagnosis, of ADD inattentive type, and, by the 2nd year with Dr. Holscher, the trust was built up, where he would write, me 100 tabs x 1 mg take, as needed. Mind you, I did not go back to this MD but only about, every 3 months, the last 4 years, of our 8 year relationship. Do a google search, for M.D's in both Conway, and also, in Georgetown County, SC and see if he is still practicing medicine. I do wish you luck...if you are still around and, get to read this message. I traced Dr. Holscher down around the year 2012, and, then he was a Clinical Director, for I am inclined to believe, a Horry County SC Mental Health Center in Conway, the county seat of Horry County.

Also try, and try or to try and locate the most comfortable MD. as far as writing benzos, that, I have had in the past 30 years. I just hope he has not fully retired, that is my concerns now! My replacement MD in Charlotte NC I fear is about to retire, as, I have lived in Charlotte since the year 1990. I know of another M.D (another Psychiatrist), but have only been a patient of his for one intake, in the year 2009, my impressions were very positive, but, referral no #2, I am not sure, if he prescribes, long term alprazolam, or not, his name is Dr. McMeeken, of Rock Hill SC, a much further drive for you, like about 80+ miles one way from you. He is another Psychiatrist, also by now, I'd guess about late 50's. Finally, due to my moving around the USA in my adult career life in small towns, try to develop a relationship with a owner/independent pharmacist, a daunting task in the here and now, but, I have gotten excellent referals, "after the pharmacist trusts me, and face to face, I have asked a pharmacy owner, could you help me? who is Benzo friendly in this town, Mr. Pharmacist, as I am sure with your knowledge base, I believe, as long as you have been in business, you would know of a MD who is (user friendly) well, who tends to treat his patients who have panic issues, with meds like, Xanax, could you guide me in a direction? This saved me twice both in Miami Fla, and again, in Jacksonville Fla this very way. Also, if you join a private therapy group, such thru the county mental health center in Florence or Florence County, you may meet a inexpensive psychotherapist, who may help you with a referral, as many MSW's work with the Psychiatry profession in USA. I got one when he saw I was unemployed, I was placed on a sliding scale, and the going rate in 1991 for a talking MSW was $60,00 US, but when I showed my skimpy unemployment checks and my last IRS 1040, this good samaratan, he only charged me US $8,00 per hour for a full one hour session for 2 years in a row, for twice a month visits!! You have options, but it is up to you to take action. Most county health clinics from Phoenix AZ to Charlotte NC have a referral MD for you. This has worked for me in Mesa, Tempe AZ when I was between jobs, and I did not have any insurance or very little money, I got the help I needed, you have to make the first step. I do not recommend going thru the yellow pages without any research and trying any MD cold from the street, There are too many MD's that may want to switch you to say Clonazepam or worse, to a anti depressant or, run you through a trial and error time period that could take two years of being a lab rat, and, I always hated that, experimenting with SSRI's and mood elevators, as I am a impatient person like you. Finally always try to see a MD either gender who has some age on them (like who has been practicing medicine since the 1980's when Xanax first came out to compete with Valium, in the mid 1980's, IMHO, MD's under age 50/55, do not understand, the benefit of benzo's taken responsibly, as, the benzo heyday, was started by the late Roche Chemist Leo Sternbach (who discovered Valium, the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction, this is a quote from this inventor in his excellent book, written 4 yrs before his passing in 2008, he lived to be 100 years old. (Good Chemistry The Life & Legacy of Valium Inventor) ISBN 0-07-142617-5. I wish you success if you get to read this memo!!!

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Patrice Says:

Re: Mike (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Your doctor moved? He/she by law had to give you your records and with those records any doctor will write you an RX for your xanax.

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Brenda Says:

Please let me know of someone. Relocating from NJ. I can’t go back and fourth to see my doc every 4 months

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