Finasteride Side Effects

Michael Totton Says:

I want to know of any overall study of side effects from long term 5mg dose finasteride

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Michael Says:

Further to my initial message above: I am a 90 year old man in UK. I have had severe prostate enlargement and my GP suggested
treatment with finasteride plus, initially, fesoterodine. The fesoterodine was stopped after a few months, but I have now been on Finasteride 5mg for a year.

The result has been excellent as regards my prostate. I read as much as I could find about any side effects of finasteride, but it seems that it is overwhelmingly used for premature hair loss. In my case I have experienced the following:

Development of quite marked breasts, firm and curved, with nipples that harden and stick out if

Deposit of unusual pattern of fat around the lower belly and inner thighs. Increase of weight despite
efforts to lose it.

Almost complete loss of body hair, or loss of color where retained, so that it is almost invisible.

Shrinkage of genitals and very marked loss of libido (even at 90!)

I have found it almost impossible to get any account of side effects or other patients' experiences.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Michael! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having.

The side effects you've experienced are listed as side effects by the FDA, but among the more rare ones. You may also experience nipple discharge, inverted nipple, sneezing and diarrhea.

Most side effects are not permanent and will go away, when you get off of the medication or switch to a different one.

Can anyone else that's taken it chime in?

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Mary Says:

Take a look at the Q & A on this same site with the title "weight gain from finasteride" that I have pasted below. That is the title of the board on this medschat site where so many people have replied with the same issues you are experiencing. It's a horrible drug that should be removed from the market.


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teachmod25 Says:

Thousands are in litigation regarding this insidious killer drug. Merke has its goons out to suppress all of the facts of suicides and Robin Williams death (the American Actor) secondary to this drug. The side effects are far from rare and will be a ghastly number of dead men around the world as Merke continues to rake in billions of dollars while suppressing all news of the horrors this drug has visited on hapless young men.

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