Femilon For Ovarian Cyst

Rose Says:

Hi, I had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and pcos 9 months ago. My doctor prescribed me femilon tablets to take for 6 months...After I finished these, 1 month later my periods came. At that time I was tired and lost more blood, but now (May 9th) my period has not come. What should I do?

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Yayra Ho Says:

I've been married for 2 years now and after having unprotected intercourse I was diagnosed with a right ovarian cyst. They gave me femiblez to calm it down so that if it's still there at my next checkup then there will be surgery. Can it be the cyst that's preventing me from getting pregnant or what?

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Sss Says:

My problem is period is not come regularly. Last it came on Dec 8 till 3 month no menstruation. Doctor suggest me femilon tablet . I had a doubt it can causes over weight or any other physical problems

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Kevin Says:

Hello Rose,

According to the National Institute of Health Femilion is a contraceptive drug containing the active ingredients Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol. Here are the reported side effects according to the NIH.

- Arterial thromboembolism
- Pulmonary embolism
- Myocardial infarction
- Cerebral hemorrhage
- Cerebral thrombosis
- Hypertension
- Gallbladder disease
- Hepatic adenomas or benign liver tumors
- Mesenteric thrombosis
- Retinal thrombosis
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Gastrointestinal symptoms (such as abdominal cramps and bloating)
- Breakthrough bleeding
- Spotting
- Change in menstrual flow
- Amenorrhea
- Temporary infertility after discontinuation of treatment
- Edema
- Melasma which may persist
- Breast changes: tenderness, enlargement, secretion
- Change in weight (increase or decrease)
- Change in cervical erosion and secretion
- Diminution in lactation when given immediately postpartum
- Cholestatic jaundice
- Migraine
- Rash (allergic)
- Mental depression
- Reduced tolerance to carbohydrates
- Vaginal candidiasis
- Change in corneal curvature (steepening)
- Intolerance to contact lenses

This drug has also been reported to reduce the risk of ovarian cysts, which is most likely why he prescribed it to you. It is noted also that the medication is used to regulate periods but it does take time to regulate. So if you are concerned that you are going to skip the period or that this drug is completely stopping your menstrual cycle please consult your doctor as he would be the best one equipped to help you.

I hope this information helps.

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