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Felix Says:

I am to start Incivek with Peginterferon and Ribovarin. What are the most common side effects?

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Josh Says:

I have been on this treatment for 3 weeks now. I was very tired the first week and felt nausea frequently. Then came a bout with hemorrhoids. The Nausea is subsiding on it's own. Changes in diet like not using cheese and peanut butter for the 20 grams of fat you're supposed to ingest with incivek has helped. I'm noticing more hair left in my brush when I brush it so I'm taking it easy on that. Trying to use a wide toothed comb and just tie my hair back. May end up cutting it. That's about it though. I work 50 plus hours a week, run or hike regularly, and play in 2 bands with shows every weekend and as long as I hydrate, eat when I know I should even if I don't feel like it, and stay active, I feel fine. So far so good. I have minor rectal itching, and a light rash on my arms which I sometimes get due to heat but seems worse since starting meds. It is all mildly annoying at worst, no sweat

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David Says:

The most common side effects associated with Peginterferon include:
Flu-like symptoms, Trouble sleeping (insomnia),
Depression, Nausea and vomiting, Skin rashes,
Extreme tiredness, Loss of appetite and weight loss.

NOTE: Some people may experience many more side effects from this medication that are not listed here.

As far as the other drug Ribavirin goes, you can view information on its side effects in the two links below:


Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add.

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Wife Says:

My husband is on week 3 of Incivek, Pegasys, and Ribasphere. First week, not so bad, week 2 and 3 got a lot worse. Small rashes appeared, rectal itching, light bleeding at rectum, doc said not to worry. He started becoming really tired, sleeping most of the 24 hour day, also very absent minded, dropping things, forgetful. Have a lot of patience with this drug. I hear it works, but it's real hard to work with. Have faith, and pray a lot. Good luck to all.

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Josh Says:

I'm finishing week four now and often experienced the same fatigue and struggle with the rash. The key to staying up, moving and dealing with the rash is water. Tons if water. I weigh 230 and was told to drink a half ounce for every pound, every day so I drink at least 115 ounces daily, just under a gallon. The days I slack I feel like death. The days I keep up with it I feel way better and if I get in some light walking even better. Keep with a routine in the am, 20 grams of fat with breakfast, my medicine, and stay up/go for a, light walk and put down a one liter bottle of water even if I feel nausea and fatigue. If I force this the rest of my day I feel way better. Staying in bed usually means not drinking water, making me feel way worse, then getting depressed it is a tough cycle to break when I fall into it but it can be done. Of course this is just what I have found to work with the help of my doctors. Good luck stay positive, keep hydrated, stay busy.

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josh Says:

Instead of having to ingest all that fat 3 times a day can you substitute taking fish or flax oil pills?

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Rick Says:

they say a meal or snack, 1 1/3 tablespoon olive oil has the 20 gram of good fat. Not sure how long it would take for a capsil of fish oil to get into your system, and they say 20 grams fat 1/2 hour before taking the incivek will increase the uptake by as much as 250%, with out the fat it must go through you faster then a slice of white bread

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josh Says:

I only eat one meal a day with small snacks like power bars and power gels which have little fat. I exercise a lot and cannot have too much in my stomach. I also have stomach and gut problems. Yes, I know fat is important in the uptake. That is why I asked about fish or flaxseed oil pills.

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Josh Says:

Don't know about the oils but nuts and nut butters might be the way to go. Healthy fats not lots of food. I just finished Incivek and was clear of the virus at weeks four and twelve so I have 3 months to go with ribavirin and interferon. It's been almost a week and without the incivek I already feel much better. Not so tired and dehydrated. I was religious about the fats and that seemed to work. 3 months to go!

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Nancy Says:

Just finished the 12 weeks of Incivek. Found the easiest way to get your 20+ grams of fat in a palatable way was thru use of Boost Plus - Weight Managment drinks (14 grams fat), poured into a 16 oz glass, filled the rest of the way with whole milk and a couple cubes of ice. Liked the vanilla the best. I could chug that down, just make sure it's really cold.

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Carl Says:

Egg nog while still available! Stock up! You can freeze it. One cup is 16 grams of fat.

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Pat Says:

Thank you all for your posts, I am starting the Incivik soon. I go to doc on Feb 3rd for some final questions. Here is my question though, I am currently on Cylexa (anti depressant) and Im wondering if any one else is on any type of anti depressants??

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